Do you know the Jala neti? An Ayurvedic technique to cleanse body and mind

What is Jala neti?

Jala neti is a daily nasal wash that helps prevent colds, sore throats, sinusitis, allergies and many other ailments associated with the nose or the head area (eyes, mouth, ears, hair, etc. .). But that’s not the only advantage of this cleaning. Indeed, it allows to clean the energy channels in order to clarify the mind, the senses and the spirit. The Jala neti allows you to de-clutter the head physically and energetically.

How it works ?

The elements necessary for this little routine are all found in pharmacies or organic stores. We will need :
– A neti pot also called neti lota
– Rock salt (or pink Himalayan salt)
– Lukewarm water (at body temperature: 37 ° c)
– Virgin sesame oil (ideally organic)

We mix rock salt and lukewarm water in the neti pot (the latter are often sold with a measuring cup). Above the sink, apply the neti pot to one nostril, open your mouth and tilt your head to the side. Water will flow from one nostril to the other. We will do the same for the second nostril. Next, we will blow our nose and dry the inside of the nostrils and we will apply a few drops of sesame oil to rehydrate the mucous membranes and protect them.

We’re ready to start the day, our nostrils clean and our ideas clear!

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Gwenaelle Batard, practitioner in Ayurveda is part of the Medoucine network, selected and validated alternative medicine therapists.



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