Do you want to wear makeup without brushes but only with your fingers? Why not?

First rule of the “make-up club”: there are no rules in the make-up club. And therefore, also that brushless makeup can and should be a possibility. It is true, between sponges and beauty blenders, there are hundreds of them and each for a specific function. But are they all really indispensable? Why not use the tools they are naturally provided with – our fingers?

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Brushless makeup is actually a practice highly recommended by make-up artists to customers who want to achieve a natural look in their everyday looks for themselves at home. The fingers in fact have the extraordinary ability to soften certain products, such as cream products, and allow them to be processed better, allowing the texture of merge in contact with the skin. They are also a really easy tool to use, to pick up, apply and vanish products.

But there are gods limits to the use of fingers? Are there any make-up steps that would be preferable to perform with brushes?

Let’s go step by step, and explore the beauty case.

How to put theeyeshadow with the fingers

In the version in cream apply beautifully with one finger and blend with another clean one. Even those in powder, surprisingly, can be applied with your fingers, especially if their textures resemble the creamy ones, as in the case of some shimmer and pearl eyeshadows. The only apparent limitation to applying eyeshadow with your fingers may be for the finish opachi, which could have a better yield if applied and blended with brushes.

How to put on foundation and concealer with your fingers

We all started by applying them with our fingers. And why not keep doing it? Those who support this type of application emphasize how the foundation looks much more natural, if spread with the fingers. The heat of the hand in fact allows the formulation to adhere perfectly to the skin and blend really well. Provided that little product is used, and stratify if necessary. Otherwise it will be more difficult to blend it and eliminate the excess. The same goes for the corrector. Again, the powder foundation is the only variant to necessarily require a tool of application.

How to put blush and bronzer with your fingers

Have you ever thought of putting them directly with your fingers? You can do this without any problem if their wording is in cream. The blush on the cheeks and the shaded bronzer where we want to recreate shades. In this case, even the powder versions can be applied with your fingers, provided that they are not hyperpigmented products, and if you take it and apply it little by little.

How to put the lipstick with the fingers

If you’ve never tried applying lipstick with your fingers, you really should. It’s a backstage secret that can totally transform the final look of a color and of making even the most vivid nuance wearable at any time. Just pick up some lipstick with your fingertip and buffer it on the lips. The contour will not be defined and perfect as with a brush application and the color will not be intense: this will give a natural and radiant, and the hue will appear more transparent.

When can’t you use your fingers?

When the powder and the foundation in powder, for example, as well as theeyeliner in gel. And when other people wear makeup. In all other cases there are no rules in make-up: it is the first rule.


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