Does the autumn blues have objective prerequisites?

The dramatic tone of the story of the end of the summer season was set even before the beginning of our era. The most popular is the story of the farewell of the ancient goddess Demeter to her daughter, but other cultures have had equally sad stories about autumn. They described not only a natural phenomenon, but also the moods that reigned in the souls of our ancestors.

The higher the level of civilization became, the less people concealed their attitude to the autumn days. Creative personalities gladly shared with those around them descriptions of what kind of universal sorrow visits them when the foliage on the trees turns yellow.

Maybe this perception of the season is natural? Some kind of weather or biological anomaly puts such pressure on the human body that it is unable to maintain good spirits?

This question could be left to the judgment of art critics and historians, if among the symptoms of the “autumn blues” were not present such alarming points as a feeling of weakness, sleep disorders, appetite and digestion, headaches and muscle pains. Do they have a connection with the season and is it worth trying to survive them together with nature?

Environmental factors

Painting by Zdenek Burian

It should be noted that our species began to migrate north from the African cradle only after it mastered fire and was ready, using it and other inventions, to master unknown lands. Primitive hunters and gatherers, though not as comfortable as we are, defended themselves from frost and did not get bored on long dark evenings.

For modern people, an artificial increase in the length of daylight hours is much more dangerous than its reduction in the natural environment. If we also consider that the change of seasons has become habitual for many millennia, then it is ridiculous to write off the loss of energy and drowsiness for meager insolation.

The bipedal primate, having spread across all continents, coped with the task perfectly. In his home, he created an analogue of his familiar environment, making it even more favorable for his existence. He had to visit an external hostile world during sorties. The development of the economy was aimed at ensuring that the variety of food on the table did not change depending on the season.

Physiological processes in the body

In autumn, nature is more favorable to man than ever. The abundance of fruits and the ability to hunt migratory animals in previous centuries made this season one of the most prosperous of the year.

Nikanor Pinol,
Nikanor Pinol, “Harvesting”

Even in peasant farms that survived more severe than primitive conditions, the harvest season was praised and called the generous season. Folk customs convey to us a picture of an active and cheerful autumn. It turns out that dietary changes cannot affect mood and well-being; hypovitaminosis during this period is simply impossible.

People do not belong to those living organisms that hibernate for the winter. All versions of a significant slowdown in metabolism on the eve of cold weather are profanity. The cause of autumn sleepiness and loss of strength can be both physiological and psychological problems, but in any case, this is a deviation from the norm.

It is high time to abandon the direct transfer to healthy people of the concepts that are used to define the behavior of people with sorrowful spirit. By the way, in psychiatry the terms “autumn and spring exacerbation” do not exist. There are data on the connection of some psychiatric diseases with the seasons, but endogenous factors influence the condition of patients more strongly. The seasonality of other chronic ailments is much more pronounced, which does not give any reason to transfer these observations to the entire population, and which, as a rule, the layman does not do.

Somatic and psychological manifestations of the autumn blues and their causes

Have an autumn blues there are no objective reasons. It is generated exclusively by the specifics of human consciousness. If the latter makes a number of behavioral errors, problems flow from the sphere of psychology to the conduct of medicine.

Does the autumn blues have objective prerequisites?
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Here are some specific seasonal hazards:

  • Cold snap does not become a signal for a person to change their wardrobe, which leads to hypothermia.
  • Wet weather promotes the spread of viruses, which are perfectly spread by those who write off their ailment in the autumn time and are not treated.
  • The transition from outdoor activities to the joys of home can provoke a disruption in the daily routine, overeating.
  • The active vital activity of mold fungi on fallen leaves can harm allergy sufferers who decide to get to know the flora of their native land better.

The consequences of carelessness will be health problems. No less likely is an exacerbation of a chronic illness or illness that has nothing to do with the season. Any somatic disorder should force a person to see a doctor. Attempts to survive them together with nature are fraught with complications.

And what about the sadness that visits in the fall? It is also caused by a mistake.

One of the wonderful qualities of human consciousness is the ability to make predictions based on existing experience. In ancient times, a frosty winter seriously thinned out the population of Homo Sapience communities. In anticipation of the loss of our dear fellow tribesmen, our ancient ancestor composed dramatic legends.

Does the autumn blues have objective prerequisites?
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This tradition has survived the era of hunter-gatherers. In later works, forebodings do not have specific negative predictions, so each reader / viewer can independently speculate on what exactly the creator is suffering from, attributing his personal experiences to him.

If a sad mood manifests itself in proud loneliness, then everything is in order. Light autumn sadness, inspiring to write poetry, prose, music and paintings, marble and plasticine sculpting is a cultural phenomenon that should not be feared. On the contrary, you should enjoy it by embodying your inspiration in a new work of art.

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