Doing barefoot yoga, putting your hands in the dirt: 10 ways to go green!

I do yoga in nature

When the weather is nice, why go without an outdoor session? “The mind is connected to cosmic energies and the body is freed more quickly from its tensions”, emphasizes Ilaria Vittoria Sgaravato, yoga teacher. Didn’t Buddha awaken under a mango tree?
So do the tree pose, facing a century-old oak tree. Barefoot, contact with the earth and the grass stimulates the senses. Treat yourself to an internship this summer in an idyllic setting, for example in Ardèche ( to practice yoga in the great outdoors. What happiness!

I adopt the ecological two-wheeler

Forget your car in favor of an electric pedal assisted bicycle. It’s good for the planet, because the e-bike does not emit CO2. For short or long distances, this connected bike has many advantages. Take advantage of the holidays to take a test.

We move faster than with a simple bike, without fatigue and without sweat! We (still) play sport in a pleasant and relaxed way. In town, we slip through traffic jams and park without difficulty.

I take my solo lunch break outside

Back from vacation, or not yet gone? Rather than a crowded cafe, opt for lunch in a park (or square) near your work. It’s a good way to escape the hustle and bustle of city life.

You enjoy your snack, preferably organic, while immersing yourself in this green setting. All your senses are awakened. This moment of solitude allows you to breathe, meditate, reflect, find new ideas. You let go… deliciously. To be repeated once a week minimum.

I walk in the mountains

Nature will always be the most beautiful picture in the world. Hiking at altitude increases cardiorespiratory capacities, musculature and endurance tenfold. Lorelei Rodrigo, sophrologist and mountain guide, recommends the “Peace March” which is done in consciousness by integrating a contemplative dimension, even a mantra.

“It is better to breathe through the nose rather than through the mouth in order to moisten the dry mountain air. In the climbs, we are present to the effort. We observe his spirit and his breath and we work on his lightness. In the descents, we find his energy in the hara, the force which comes from the belly in order to advance in confidence on a perilous path. As in life! “

I consult a naturopath

After an in-depth assessment, he will establish a personalized program for you. Here are some basic rules. “In summer, the fire element dominates. So you have to slow down your activities and drink plenty of water, but outside of meals, advises Camille Pelloux, naturopath. The more we eat raw, the better we are. Prepare seasonal vegetables (cucumber, spinach leaves, zucchini, carrots, fennel, etc.) in a gazpacho, cold soup, smoothie. Berries are the richest in antioxidants : strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, currants. To consume without moderation for the beauty of your skin. “

I put my hands in the dirt

Large garden, small balcony or hanging from the windows: pamper your plants! Deposit, repot, hands in the earth. You love them these beautiful plants, and they give you back.

Scientific studies have shown that having your hands in the earth increases the production of serotonin, the hormone of happiness. The followers of garden therapy recommend one to two hours of activity per day. Cultivating the land helps cultivate self-esteem. We are proud of the result of the little seeds we sowed.

I sleep in a treehouse

Who hasn’t dreamed of playing Jane and Tarzan? From the basic first generation cabin to the one with Jacuzzi, there is something for everyone in the four corners of France. A way to find your child’s soul. Using a pulley, we hoist the pretty wicker basket that contains the dinner. It’s the chef’s surprise. Up there, in your cozy nest, your nights are more beautiful than your days. The wind sings in the trees, the moon and the stars seem closer. An experience to live as a couple or as a family. Large cabins accommodate up to five people. More info on

I wear green

A pretty apple green blouse and you see life in pink! According to chromotherapy, green brings serenity. You can match green with two other colors. Yellow facilitates communication while orange inspires joy and movement. Why not paint your nails with two or three different shades? It’s fun and it boosts morale. In summer, all fantasies are allowed.

I take a forest bath

Have you ever hugged a tree? Don’t laugh, sylvotherapy is a widespread practice in Japan where you take a forest bath (“Shinrin-yoku”) like others take a bath in the sea or sunbath.

This “green alternative medicine” consists of doing exercises near trees to find well-being and relaxation. “The benefits have been proven in particular in the fight against stress, depression, diabetes, obesity …”, specifies Jean-Marie Desfossez, sylvotherapist who offers initiation courses in the forest of Fontainebleau and Brocéliande.

I tested a fast hike

I opted for the mild variant with organic fruit juice, bouillons of vegetables, infusions and herbal teas. I am welcomed in a four-star cottage in the Tarn with a small group of seven people. The first day, Elodie, doctor, takes stock of my health. Here I am reassured, but hunger grips me. The second day, I have a hell of a fishing. Every morning, gentle yoga or Pilates. During my stay, I take great pleasure in discovering the hiking trails with Bruno, our host and guide. In the afternoon, relax in the swimming pool, jacuzzi and sauna. The third day, I have a hell of a fishing. Sophrology, yoga classes, pilates and massages enhance the stay. I feel euphoric, light, clear-headed. On the 6th and last day, I got a makeover! My complexion is luminous and I have lost 2kg. More informations :

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