“Dolphin skin”: what is the main feature of the new makeup trend

Radiant skin has become a new classic in recent years. And if our mothers in their youth did not know about the existence of a brilliant product in every sense, then we use the highlighter everywhere – for everyday makeup, to emphasize the tan or even on the body to even out the skin tone. Celebrity makeup artists do not get tired of coming up with new application techniques: we will tell you about one of these in more detail.

How the trend appeared

The secret to the petrol-sheen wet skin effect is to apply highlighters of different shades and textures directly on top of each other. Makeup artist from New York Nam Wo, this makeup resembles the shine of dumplings, that is, Asian dumplings – she says that the skin becomes like dough. And the Romanian make-up artist Claudia Neaxu called the new trend “dolphin skin”, since the effect of overlapping different highlighters is really similar to the shiny cover of an animal – and this name stuck better.

How to apply the highlighter

Nikki Wolf is a big fan of the shine who, like the multi-stage Korean grooming system, began to layer several highlighters on top of each other. For such an unusual glossy effect, Nikki suggests combining different textures. Apply a liquid radiance to your skin first and then dry to reflect more light and create a slightly metallic sheen.

Nikki recommends brushing the liquid highlighter on the most prominent parts of the face, then powdering the forehead and wings of the nose. After creating the foundation, go over the liquid highlighter with a powdery highlighter to enhance the glow. “This step not only prolongs the longevity of the liquid, but also gives an iridescent effect, which also does not leave a plaque feeling on the face,” she explains. To complete the look, apply highlighter to the inner corners of the eyes, the tip of the nose and the tick above the lip – these little touches, according to the makeup artist, are very important, as they diffuse the glow all over the face.

Mary Phillips is another guru in the art of highlighter application. Her secret to a radiant makeup is that she mixes different shades of liquid textures and applies them in layers for a wet effect. First you need to sprinkle a moisturizing spray on your face, on top of which you can start layering the highlighter, alternating them with creamy shimmering blush and other products that enhance the effect of wet skin.

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