Don’t Do It: Hairstyles That Are No Longer In Fashion

Being faithful to one hairdresser for many years is cool. But wearing one hairstyle for 10 years is not worth it. So, check to see if your hairstyle is on the outdated list.

Stacking upright

Short hair combed up – this was worn by Zemfira, Diana Arbenina and the girls from the Tatu group. 20 years ago, elongated, torn hair on the top of the head and the same bangs looked bold and bold. Now it looks old-fashioned. No, it is not necessary to give up a short haircut, it is enough to put the torn ends in a neat, sleek hairstyle, and not lift them up with varnish, as 20 years ago.

Stifler’s mom’s hairstyle

The first American Pie was released in 2000. Then the styling of the main character’s mother made a splash: everyone began to wind the same curls from the face, be sure to add bouffant at the roots. Many years have passed: today naturalness is in vogue, no doll strands and fleece. In addition, such a hairstyle adds 10 years for sure: because the hair slightly sticks together when styling, the curl does not look lively, springy, it hangs like macaroni. Natural loose hair is what is considered fashionable today.

American Pie

Oblique bob

Remember how we all rushed to make a bob with shorter hair in the back than on the face? Then it was unusual and interesting, today – echoes of the past, which should remain only in the family album. The most relevant haircut of recent years is a sharply defined square in a straight line.

Spicy bean

Mallet or David Bowie

Long oblique bangs and short hair at the crown, back of the head and temples. In fashion magazines no, no, they will arrange a photo shoot of a model with such a haircut. But that is high fashion, but in life everything is a little different. It is better to wear a neat short haircut like Irina Khakamada’s.


Long nape or fishtail

Do not try to look for logic in the fact that a pair of strands on the back of the head and a short haircut seemed fashionable to us. We even plucked our eyebrows with a thread, why be surprised? Then even Dima Bilan and Halle Berry went with such a hairstyle. Today, this haircut is a sign that the hairdresser is not following trends.

Dima Bilan

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