Don’t try to repeat it: 7 controversial techniques in makeup

Lena-about stylistic techniques in makeup that she is tired of. No, to be honest — we’re sick of it.

We live in an era of painful pluralism, when everyone has the right to go to the left, to the right, into the forest and for firewood. Especially in such a matter as makeup. It’s beautiful. But some things are terrible:)

At least, it’s terribly boring. At least not for me.

Eye makeup techniques “Loop”, “Banana”, “Bird”, Cut Crease, etc.

Half of the YouTube tutorials are in “bananas”, the other half – in “cat-krizakh”. Blue shadows on the right, green on the left, glue the tape, bleach the center of the eyelid. And these migratory birds are flying back and forth. And at the same time — as a mantra: “make-Up is creativity.” How much “creativity” is there in coloring books by numbers? It’s about the same size, I think.

I don’t mind complicated makeup and performance makeup. But is it possible without a copywriter, I would like to ask?

Well, like this:

Color gradient: from purple to lilac, from lilac to pink

The rainbow on my eyelids was very tiresome. In 2015, I thought “it will pass soon”. In 2018, I hoped: “just a little more and they will forget.” In 2020, I have only one desire – to erase it from Vanish “Crystal whiteness”.
But how cool can several bright shades coexist, if you do not write out a smooth gradient and careful shading.
And the hell with it, even with the shading is good, if the shades are close in meaning. Light pink vs. light peach:
Dark purple vs. dark green. It is possible to make out where which one is, only by looking closely.

It is difficult and long? You can do with just one color. No one is paid extra for showing all 14 shades of the palette on one eyelid.

Contrast: light vs. dark

The crease of the eyelid is as deep as a chasm? What for? So that neutral makeup with basic shades becomes similar to the stage makeup?

Muffle the contrast — and the drama is in the furnace.
I suspect that bronzers and sculptors began to use eye makeup for these reasons. They can darken the outer corner and crease without the effect of theatricality.

The same type of shading

For a long time, makeup artists were taught to blend dark shadows with lighter and more radiant ones, so that the haze gradually faded away. Now by default, this is what “evening makeup” looks like in most salons. If you sign up for a haircut on Friday after work, you can watch a parade of identical Smokies.
I understand that not everyone is ready to give up careful shading in favor of carelessness.
But can we at least change the proportion? More light shadows – less dark ones?

Highlighter on the back of the nose and above the upper lip

Either the highlighters were more modest, or the tastes were different. But before that, it was a barely noticeable touch at the end of the makeup. Now the shiny noses look more and more like bronze sculptures that are tinder for good luck.

Scratched my nose, drank some water – from the highlighter there were 7 sequins left, which are neither here nor there. All of this is so short-lived that I don’t know what the point is. No, it is better to apply it on the cheekbones and up: to the temples and the sides of the forehead. Even a bright glow there looks, in my opinion, more appropriate.

Curved arrow

Give the impression of retro. I’m going to take the Turkey out of the oven and audition for the Amazing Mrs. Meisel show.

The temptation is too great to darken the crease, and again, Hello, cut crease.

Score on YouTube “Foxy eyes” and try to make thin arrows or polustrelki, stretched to the temples. The bend is less pronounced, and there is no similarity with the 50s.

3D lips

Increase in size at the expense of a pencil (always darker), paint over with lipstick, fill with gloss.

And the lips turn, the lips turn…

Can I leave the texture? Or the color? Well, at least something from real lips.

Complete makeup consists of a), b), C)…

If you learn to make up using YouTube tutorials, you might think that every make-up should have a sculptor, highlighter, blush, powder. As if this is a required set of schoolboy, like a notebook, pen and primer.Isn’t it possible without blush?

And without eyelashes?

Without an eyebrow pencil or powder?

You can do whatever you want. Even without everything.

And what schemes or techniques in makeup do you not like?


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