Downward Dog: 9 Things to Do for Yoga

Yoga is the most beginner-friendly sport. You can do it at home, in the park or at the gym, and it does not require preparation or complicated props. Yoga clothes are loose and comfortable. And this – just by coincidence – is perfect for relaxation. Together with Oysho, we chose nine things that are equally comfortable to lie on the rug in shavasana or stretch after a busy day.

Jacket with a wrap

2 599 ₽

Research shows that meditation can actually help relieve stress and distract from the news. And our experience suggests that during this process I just want to think about something else: to pull the bow on this sweater with a smell, for example. If you are confident in your ability to concentrate, take it for meditation. If not, it is also suitable for reading in an armchair.


2 699 ₽

This cozy cardigan is designed primarily for meditation: sitting still for 15-30 minutes before the start of the heating season can be quite cool. We advise you to start home workouts in it. It is easier to motivate yourself to get on the mat if you are not cold with just a beautiful sportsbra.

Pants in oriental style

3 599 ₽

Trousers-trousers are a wardrobe item in which you want to live. Therefore, in the Oysho Yoga & Meditation collection, they are presented in two colors at once. Such trousers do not hinder movement and do not press anywhere, so that you can concentrate on breathing (including stomach) and sensations in your body, and not think about how your legs look in tight leggings.

Cotton blouse

1 999 ₽

In such a weightless white sweater, it is easy to forget and feel like a fitness blogger. Do not fall for her tricks: in yoga it is not enough to look beautiful, you need to perform the exercises correctly and monitor your form and breathing. Which, however, does not diminish the pleasure of soft fabrics and elegant silhouettes. A pleat in the front adds grace to this simple piece.

Oversized sweatshirt

2 699 ₽

A loose sweatshirt is a versatile wardrobe item. In this one, it is equally convenient to work from home and leave from time to time to warm up. The items in the collection are made from soft organic cotton to keep them comfortable even during vigorous workouts. And muted colors won’t distract you from trying to focus on your breathing.


2 699 ₽

Overalls have become part of the wardrobes of urban fashionistas, but their main advantage – the ability to be at the same time the top and bottom of the image – also works in sports. With such a wardrobe item, it remains to choose only a sportswear (and Czech women, if you prefer to practice in them) – and you can go to the gym. Or in the living room if you train at home.

Yoga mat

4 599 ₽

Sooner or later, even those who go to the hall where everything is available will need their own rug. You can safely put your head on it, and its purity is beyond doubt. The Oysho Marble Mat is non-slip to help keep balance asanas easy. And thanks to its convenient carrying handles, it doesn’t need an extra bag.

Blouse with wrap

1 799 ₽

If 80% of your wardrobe is black, why not transfer this approach to sports? A wrap-around T-shirt gives any look an element of deliberate casualness – as if you spontaneously rolled out the rug, and were not going to do it for the last three days. And it’s also nice to just live in it.

Cotton T-shirt

1 799 ₽

A light long T-shirt will be required for active yoga with frequent asana changes and high loads. In it, you can stand up to the bar, and into the notorious “dog face down”. The fabric for these T-shirts, as for most of the models in the collection, is made in accordance with the company’s principles of sustainable development and reducing the environmental impact.


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