Dress at home like Killing Eve’s Villanelle

The third season of Killing Eve has already featured new characters, unexpected events and, of course, the enviable wardrobe of the most fashionable mercenary of recent years – Villanelle. You can watch the new series on Amediateka. The girl’s life has undergone big changes, but her passion for extravagant antics and bright things, the creator of the series, Phoebe Waller-Bridge, left unchanged. However, the most attentive viewers will notice that Villanelle’s images are still slightly different from those in the first two seasons.

There are a lot more retro-inspired items in her wardrobe. New costume designer Sam Perry decided to add a 1960s, 1970s and 1980s aesthetic to make Villanelle’s look even more controversial and flamboyant. Floor-length dresses with a scarlet floral print, polka-dot blouses, silk pajamas with langoustines – you just want to repeat many of the images from the series. We have selected the most suitable for fashionable home self-isolation.

Silk printed pajamas

Olivia von Halle’s langoustine pajamas were, of course, sold out after the episode was released. But this does not prevent you from finding other models with no less charming prints in the brand’s collection. Add more color to your home wardrobe.

1970s polka dot blouse

It can be worn like Villanelle with canary pants or in a safer duet with jeans or beige palazzo pants. You don’t have to tie a bow – this relaxed option is ideal for home.

Beige jumpsuit

Those who are more fond of monochrome fabrics and laconicism should take note of the image of a mercenary in a taupe work overalls. The heroine Jody Comer wears it over a gray T-shirt – and this is the most comfortable outfit for any household chores.

Shot from the TV series “Killing Eve”, 2020

© Nick Wall/BBCA

Pink robe

If you’re going to cook, remember this lovely cake scene. A delicate pink silk robe will help add expression to the culinary process. Of course, we do not recommend repeating the scene in detail, but the image is definitely worth adopting.

Bright dress in a flower

You can feel like the queen of your own home kingdom by wearing a dramatic flower dress. At Villanelle, the jewel of the new The Vampire’s Wife collection. The exact same dress can be pre-ordered on the brand’s website.

Shot from the TV series “Killing Eve”, 2020

© Des Willie/BBCA


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