Dress up as a fashionable horsewoman like Queen Elizabeth II and Mary-Kate Olsen

Even if you have never played equestrian sports like Elizabeth II or Mary-Kate Olsen, this is no reason to give up extremely fashionable and elegant sports equipment. Light trousers made of comfortable soft fabric, a fitted jacket and high leather boots are ideal for walking in early summer. You can wear any basic top under the jacket – be it a polo, a shirt, a thin cashmere pullover and an ordinary white T-shirt.

Tuck your trousers into your boots, as is most often done by fans of equestrian sports, or leave them out in the spirit of Elizabeth II. If you decide to play the look to the maximum, do not forget to get your leather or thin knitted gloves, which were left over from winter. However, enthusiastic glances from others and compliments to your taste will be provided without them.

Pants Ralph Lauren, 92,400 rubles,; jacket Maison Margiela, 121,500 rubles,; Ralph Lauren boots, 108,500 rubles,

Isabel Marant pants, 43,962 rubles,; jacket Stella McCartney, 99,000 rubles,; Burberry boots, 78400 rubles,

Joggers Stella McCartney, 39,950 rubles,; jacket Gabriela Hearst, 130,500 rubles,; Ann Demeulemeester boots, 66200 rubles,


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