Dry hair: what are the causes and the best remedies

During the summer it is normal to have dry hair as it is subjected to more stress than the rest of the year. The sun, salt, chlorine and sand are not always the best friends of the hair.

DIY (but simple) hair masks

These agents, in fact, damage the keratin, weaken the stems, dry the tips and make the frizzy hair. If we also add to this the hair colors made before leaving, here, returning from holidays, we will need to intervene with targeted treatments. For example, going to the hairdresser, giving in to a restructuring treatment or keratin and a blunt, necessary to allow dry hair to grow back healthy. For the do-it-yourself remedies, however, here are some tips.

Hydration also starts in the shower

One shampoo Moisturizer, which also repairs while cleansing, is ideal for softening hair. Water also affects the cuticles: it must be chosen lukewarm, not hot, ending with a cold jet that seals the scales of the tips. Then aim for one mask, more repairing than the conditioner, better if based on keratin, firming, or aloe vera, to avoid frizz.

Aveda, botanical repair shampoo

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L’hair oil, also natural like coconut

Whether you are still by the pool, on the water’s edge or in the city, don’t underestimate the power of oils. The most effective products, as Abiby recommends, are based on vitamin E and argan, two ingredients able to soften, nourish and give new shine to the ends, preferably with SPF to protect against UVB rays. If chosen with factors termoprotettiviFurthermore, they allow to protect the hair from damage caused by plate e phon. Even coconut oil – yes, virgin, cooking oil – is a marvel. Emollient, moisturizing and nourishing, can be used as a pre-shampoo mask to shape hair without weighing it down.

OCOCO, cold pressed virgin coconut oil

If you cannot do without a straightener and hairdryer, use a protection before using them

The termoprotettore is the lifesaver of the hair, and specifically of the tips, before proceeding with styling. In fact, it creates a protective barrier against heat, without breaking the hair cuticles. And remember to use natural combs and brushes, such as those made of wood, so as not to further electrify the hair.

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