Dry skin after tanning: how to take care of it

After the vitamin D and “Vitamin Sea” baths in late summer, the tan begins to show its negative sides: dry skin, discoloration and so on.

Sunscreens, in fact, can clog the pores, while the tan tends to become opaque over the days. To prolong the tan and its effect glow natural, the first step is take care of dry skin.

It starts with scrub light and delicate that remove the oxidized and dull-looking tan by releasing the newer one, present in the deeper layers of the skin. The important is do not use aggressive exfoliants that cause an effect rebound and promote dehydration.

The masks, moisturizing and calming, are a boost of hydration that support and enhance the action of serum and cream, which must contain in active formulas antioxidants.

“While antioxidants are traditionally used to prevent damage before exposure, they can also be used afterwards compensate for the aging effect of the sun”, He advised a Byrdie Beauty the dermatologist Joshua Zeichner. “Vitamin C and Vitamin E neutralize free radicals”.

Spf + moisturizer

L’spf to be applied also in the city it does not replace the moisturizer which restores the hydrolipidic barrier and prevents further irritation or dryness. This is where the moisturizing and spf combination comes into play, with a light texture, helps keep the skin nourished without weighing it down with the layering of products.

A vitamin C serum is always a good investment beauty to do during the summer. Helps prevent hyperpigmentation which tends to increase with sun exposure, reduces fine wrinkles, and promotes the production of collagen. Just a few drops to apply between cleansing and moisturizer.

Water spray for the face

It is one spray with cooling effect to spray on the face. In fact, the benefits for the skin are many more. The formulation of the water mist it is based on water enhanced by active youth that provide a more’hydration, but if applied before normal treatment skincare since day it carries the assets even more deeply. Always keep in your bag to take care of dry skin during the day.

The after-sun that prolongs the tan

After-sun does not last only the time of a vacation. It can also be used up to a month after returning home precisely to guarantee the same enhanced complex of moisturizing and emollient agents to the skin of the face and body that counteract the dry skin. All with active ingredients that stimulate the natural production of melanin even when the sun is not there.


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