Duofiber brush: rules for selection and use

Duofiber brush: rules for selection and use

  1. What it is?
  2. Pros and cons
  3. How to choose?
  4. Application Tips

Even application and distribution of special products is the key to an attractive, natural make-up. In the modern cosmetics industry, new names appear almost every day. But, as a rule, behind these complex names there are devices that are well known to many women, for example duofiber brush.

What it is?

Duofibra is usually called a special two-pile (“duo” in Latin means “two”) make-up brush made of natural and artificial bristles of different lengths at the same time. Usually such a brush is painted in two different colors. Mostly, dark dense villi are located at the base of the duofiber, and light soft and more rare ones are located at the end. Hair of different length and density allows you to perform the thinnest weightless covering of the face, since the lower pile carefully distributes the product over the skin, and the upper one blends it perfectly.

Duofiber brushes come in different sizes and are used to apply foundation, blush, highlighters, tints to the face, and are also used to apply decorative cosmetics to the eyelids.

Pros and cons

This brush, like all cosmetic tools, has its advantages and disadvantages. Let’s start with the pros.

  • Versatility… Great for both loose products and those with a liquid or creamy texture.
  • Perfect coverage… Thanks to the duofiber brush, cosmetic products lay in a thin, even layer, are well absorbed and do not leave spots and irregularities.
  • Practicality. Due to the two-layered villi, make-up products are used very economically.
  • Ease of use… It is not difficult to use such a device, you can easily and quickly transform your appearance.
  • Big choice… Currently, the range of duofiber brushes is very wide.
  • Hygiene… This brush is very easy to clean and dries quickly after washing.

The disadvantage of duofiber is the fact that high quality and safe brushes come with a high price tag. Many non-professionals also note that using such a device is difficult to apply a thick foundation.

How to choose?

Before purchasing a duofiber brush, it must be remembered that the different sizes of this device are designed for specific actions. Big brush it is more convenient to apply tone, blush, highlighter, bronzer, and average suitable for more detailed application of products such as eyeshadow or concealer. Pay attention to pile materials: they must be resilient and quickly regain their original shape.

Two-color is not yet an indicator that it is duofiber in front of you, only the pile of different lengths indicates that this is it. The following brands are most in demand in the cosmetic market today: MAC, Real Techniques, Manly PRO, Sigma.

Application Tips

In order to use duofiber correctly, you must follow a certain sequence of actions. The algorithm for using a two-lint brush is as follows:

  • cleanse and prepare skin for makeup application;
  • Carefully distribute the required amount of cosmetic product on the back of your hand or on a specially designed plate;
  • place a duofiber brush in a cosmetic product and apply it pointwise on the face;
  • cover the skin evenly with hammering circular motions;
  • after finishing the application, you need to clean the brush using a special soap or gel for washing;
  • to dry, place the duofiber horizontally or with the nap down.

For information on how to apply foundation with a duofiber brush, see the next video.


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