Easy evening hairstyles: 10 crops to copy

The temperature has dropped and the days are getting shorter. Okay, the summer is almost over, so it’s better to take advantage of the mild climate for some outdoor outings (and with distance). Here then, for the next appointments 10 hairstyles evening dresses easy to make, spotted on the Instagram profiles of celebrities and on the catwalks of the hottest fashion brands of the moment.

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Double bun, like JLO

Baby hair in view, slightly textured with the help of a gel, e double high chignon, instead of the classic pigtails. One of the most ironic evening hairstyles for those who play with the look.

A foulard, like Dior

With a retro allure, a silk scarf is enough to revolutionize beach waves. To be worn tightly on the forehead and tied with a bow at the back.

The disheveled day after, like Bella Hadid

It looks “bed hair“Never goes out of fashion. Just do one high tail – and slightly disheveled – and let free tufts fall around the face.

Half messy tail (at Chanel)

The classic crop, but in key chic. Take the tuft you want to tie and create a micro tea towel to be fixed with a clothespin jewel.

Beach waves governed by hair clips, like Chiara Ferragni

Artfully wavy hair, disciplined with a salt spray, and “tamed” by pins jewel just above the temples. You will be cool but ordinate.

Low tail, like Oscar de la Renta

Who has the straight hair can take a shower and create the styling, letting the lengths air dry. Comb your hair and tie it into a very low ponytail.

Bling-bling headband, like January Jones

Bob and lob fans, here’s the perfect look. A hair accessory, preferably sparkling, to “style” the cut.

High chignon with jewel detail, like Andrew Gn

Pearls, rhinestones and beads. To be fixed on a high chignon e very tight, very sophisticated.

Harvest pulled with free tufts of the 90s, like Emily Ratajkovski

You can opt for one pony tail or a semi-high chignon. And remember to let the two initial tufts fall soft on your face.

Braids, like Max Mara

Imperfect but very tight. I’m girly and sophisticated together, especially when combined with a burgundy lipstick.

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