easy Hairstyles for women with fine and thin hair

In this video I will show you 3 different Styles you can do to make your fine hair looks like it has more volume. If you try some Styles and post it on Insta, please tag me, so I can see the result.Thank you and please give me a like if you enjoyed this video. Yours Karin

Products I used for these Styles
Bobby Pins
Hair pins
brush Alexandre de Paris
Hairpillow Germany
Donut Bun Maker

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This Video is not sponsored, all the products I use are bought by myself.
Some links are affiliate links, these do not effect the price you pay for the product. .

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  1. I have fine hair but have never seen the pillow comb that you are using. Where can I find that piece? Great looks

  2. Does anyone know what these hair pillows are called in the US? Tough to find many on Amazon. Thanks!

  3. She has somewhat fine hair, but not thin hair at all. She has lots of hair. When I make a pony tail, the diameter of the tail is…the size of my pinky finger.

  4. This helped me a lot with fine thin hair! No 1 is my best solution and I get my compliments. My hair is a bit short for No 2 & 3, but I am growing it into 2 & 3 Thanks.

  5. I loved this video. I am missing the centre portion of my hair-shaft (medulla) and have very, very fine hair (not a lot either) and I found these styles appealing and do-able. I also absolutely love the presentation; calm, soothing, engaging with no unnecessary theatrics.
    You have a lovely voice, great diction and are very clear with instructions for every style. I also appreciated how gentle you were with her hair, very considerate. I&39;ve endured a lifetime of loud, overbearing stylists who, having no consideration or empathy for the dilemma of fine, thin hair, have yanked, backcombed to excess and lacquered my my fragile locks to unreasonable levels to make up for their lack of skill. Congratulations on a great video, created by a gifted professional. Please post more.

  6. I&39;m hopeless with my fine, sparse hair but managed to do these styles quite easily. I&39;m delighted!!

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