Eat and lose weight! Complete List of Slimming Products

Weight loss products that significantly speed up the metabolism are available in sufficient quantities and assortments in any store. In a short time, you can forget about excess weight, get rid of the eternal desire for a snack, while maintaining excellent health and good spirits. To do this, you need to know exactly what foods to eat in order to lose weight.

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Some products contribute to weight loss without accompanying irritability, unmotivated fatigue, constant fatigue.

What foods contribute to weight loss

The list of foods for fast weight loss will not completely solve the problem of excess calories. The belief that you can lose weight in a week by eating foods for weight loss is unjustified.

A sharp decrease in body weight in a short time occurs due to the loss of water and muscle mass. The fat layer remains unchanged or may increase. Therefore, the optimal rate of weight loss is considered to be 0.5–1 kg per week.

Knowing which foods make you lose weight the fastest, they need to be included in the daily menu. First of all, these include:

  • water;
  • green tea;
  • dairy products;
  • vegetables and fruits;
  • cereals.


Water is a natural appetite suppressant. Drinking it cold in an amount of 500 ml before each main meal promotes significant weight loss. According to research by German scientists, the rate of calorie burning increases up to 44%.

Feeling hungry feels like thirst. If, after a recent snack, you suddenly feel like eating, you can slowly drink a glass of water in small sips. This will remove unpleasant sensations in the stomach and an urgent desire to eat.

Green tea

Sugar-free green tea is one of the best natural foods for weight loss. It increases levels of the fat-burning hormone epinephril. Tea contains natural caffeine, which enhances the effect of this hormone and speeds up metabolism by 20%. Not only subcutaneous fat is destroyed, but also internal (visceral) fat.

Weight loss is also due to other mechanisms of action of green tea:

  • significant suppression of appetite;
  • removal of excess fluid from the body;
  • reducing the absorption of fats and preventing their accumulation due to the antioxidants (catechins) in the tea;
  • thermogenesis (an increase in the production of heat by the body), which requires high energy costs, as a result, fat oxidation increases, weight is regulated.

4 cups a day of this drink helps to successfully fight extra pounds.


Cucumbers are good for weight loss. This is due to their composition and effect on the body:

  • contain a lot of fiber, water, vitamins;
  • have a mild laxative effect;
  • have a diuretic effect;
  • are a low-calorie product.

It is not necessary to peel them from the crust: it is in it that all the minerals and vitamins are contained.


Fruits are also rich in fiber, vitamins, essential macro- and microelements. But they contain a lot of sugar in the form of glucose and fructose. When consumed in the evening, polysaccharides are deposited as subcutaneous fat. Therefore, in order to lose weight, it is useful to eat them in the morning.


The first place in the ranking of weight loss products is taken by apples. They quickly help to get rid of extra pounds. Thanks to dietary fiber and pectin:

  • the feeling of hunger decreases due to good filling of the stomach;
  • intestinal peristalsis and its cleansing significantly increase;
  • metabolism accelerates;
  • reduced cholesterol levels;
  • radionuclides are removed.


Grapefruit, according to studies conducted at the Scripps Clinic (USA), significantly reduces weight. With a daily consumption of half of the fruit for breakfast for 12 weeks, body weight decreased by 1.5 kg.

This effect is achieved due to the high content:

  • vitamin C – lowers insulin levels;
  • naringin (flavonoid) – has a strong choleretic effect and promotes the rapid breakdown of fats; contained in the inner bitter membranes of the fruit;
  • sodium – dulls the feeling of hunger.

To avoid flatulence, grapefruit should be eaten 30 minutes before meals.


Orange contains a large amount of fiber and only 59 calories per 100 g. Due to fiber it gives a feeling of satiety, cleanses the intestines, removes toxins, fills the body with vitamins and microelements.


Raspberries contain only 44 kcal per 100 g of berries. Its fruit enzymes are involved in the breakdown of fats. Half a glass of raspberries before a meal will help the body cope even with a feast. The diuretic effect also causes weight loss. This is one of the few berries that does not lose its properties after heat treatment. Therefore, it can be used all year round.

Dairy products

fermented milk products for weight loss

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Fermented milk products satisfy hunger well. Their regular use leads to an acceleration of the metabolic process, weight loss. Milk products are low in calories and contain less lactose (carbohydrate). Casein protein helps preserve muscle mass while losing weight. It is a milk protein that speeds up lipid metabolism.

The use of low-fat milk drinks is not recommended – they do not saturate well, lead to a sharp feeling of hunger. Fermented milk products with a fat content of 1.5-2% are useful, but not more than 5%.

You can add a small amount of cinnamon, nutmeg, honey to them. They improve the taste of the drink (kefir, whey, fermented baked milk, yogurt). The optimal time for taking them is morning and evening. The advantage of taking fermented milk products is a quick effect, good cleansing of the body.

A three-day milk diet is effective. 1 liter of milk is drunk fractionally during the day in 100 ml cups. In three days, 3-4 kg are lost. To keep the weight off, you need to keep eating the right foods. The fat in milk activates the breakdown of fat cells.


Cereals are widely used in the diet of those who are losing weight. They provide long-term saturation, have a beneficial effect on the health of the digestive tract. To get the effect of losing weight, eating cereals, you need to cook them without milk, butter and sugar.


Oatmeal among cereals is the leading dietary product for weight loss because:

  • low-calorie;
  • contains a large amount of fiber;
  • reduces the level of ghrelin – a substance that makes you feel hungry;
  • its carbohydrates are broken down slowly, providing a feeling of fullness and comfort in the stomach for a long time;
  • has a low glycemic index (allowed in diabetes mellitus).

For effective weight loss, it is recommended to cook porridge from whole oats, and not from chopped flakes. Unprocessed grains retain all the healthy ingredients.

What other foods can you eat for losing weight

Overweight people are always interested in what they eat when they lose weight, except for the well-known traditional products.

Cinnamon has long been known as a weight loss spice. Its smell creates a sensation of sweetness, deceiving the body, helps to reduce appetite. By adding it to coffee or kefir, you can significantly reduce the fatty layer on the stomach. A good recipe for losing weight: ½ teaspoon of cinnamon steamed with 1 cup boiling water, with the addition of honey (1 teaspoon).

Ginger enhances the secretion and blood supply to the walls of the stomach, which leads to better digestion of food, acceleration of metabolism. Essential oils increase the metabolism of fats, promotes the destruction of fat cells – adipocytes.

The product has a mild diuretic effect, contains many antioxidants, which helps to lose weight. But there are some contraindications to its use. One of them is gallstone disease, which often develops when overweight. Ginger has a choleretic effect, so it can cause an acute attack of biliary colic.

Pineapple is a trendy fruit for weight loss. It contains bromelain, an enzyme that is a good fat burner. But recent studies have shown that the enzyme is destroyed by the action of hydrochloric acid in the stomach and loses its properties. However, pineapple continues to be used in some weight loss programs.

Its other properties are taken into account:

  • low-calorie product high in fiber;
  • cleanses the body of toxins and toxins;
  • has a diuretic effect;
  • increases metabolism.

The effect of pineapple on appetite is twofold – there are both positive and negative effects:

  • well reduces the feeling of hunger due to dietary fiber, which quickly fills the stomach;
  • accelerating metabolism, and at the same time stimulating the production of gastric juice, thereby increasing appetite;
  • having a glycemic index of 65, causes a sharp jump in insulin – saturation lasts for a short time.

Because of this, pineapple was excluded from the Montignac diet, which has been popular around the world for 30 years. The French nutritionist developed it for himself. For 3 months, the author himself lost 16 kg.

Bitter dark chocolate is good at reducing appetite. In small amounts, it affects the level of ghrelin, which stimulates hunger. Given its antioxidant properties, chocolate is beneficial for people looking to lose weight. This is due to the prevention of the development of insulin resistance – the cause of the extra pounds. For a long-term feeling of fullness, 30 g of the product is enough.

Salmon contributes to weight loss despite its high fat content. Contains omega-3 fatty acids, which contribute to the rapid breakdown of lipids and “bad” cholesterol. According to studies, a diet with its use led to a loss of 4-5 kg. With the same diet, but without salmon meat, body weight decreased by a maximum of 3 kg.

It has been established that with a variety of diets for weight loss, preference should be given to “native” rather than exotic products. When compiling the menu, a table of calorie content of slimming products is used with an accurate indication of the content of proteins, fats, carbohydrates in them.

Name 100 g


100 g


100 g


Kcal / 100 g

Calorie content

An Apple 0.44 00 11.32 46
Grapefruit 0.91 00 7.34 31
Avocado 2.08 15.0 9.05 164
A pineapple 0.44 00 11.84 47
Orange 0.92 00 8.46 38
Lemon 0.9 00 3.67 nineteen
Kefir 2.5% 2.92 2.5 4.02 52
Ryazhenka 1% 3.06 1.0 4.22 42
Salmon 20.85 15.12 00 221
bitter chocolate 6.2 36.4 48.2 539

In addition to the list of foods, eating well for weight loss involves changing your food intake. It should be fractional – 5-6 times a day. Physical activity is required – physical inactivity significantly slows down the process of getting rid of extra pounds. Therefore, only a change in lifestyle with the simultaneous use of food for losing weight will give the expected result.

Thus, there are products from which to lose weight with pleasure, without harming health. Including them in the diet does not require a sharp restriction on the amount of food. Losing excess weight occurs naturally, the physical and psycho-emotional state does not deteriorate, sleep, mood, and performance are not disturbed.

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