Eating food slowly is the key to being lean and healthy

Living in this hectic world forces a person to eat on the subway, while driving, walking, working or in front of the TV. Often this is not just enjoying the process, but simply stuffing sandwiches or pizza into yourself. Even healthy food becomes fast food. Why should you eat slowly?


Scientists from Osaka University studied the eating habits of more than 3,000 people and found that those who eat fast are 3 times more likely to suffer from overweight and related diseases. American researchers add that slow eaters consume 10% fewer calories per meal. This is no coincidence. Our brain registers hunger satisfaction only 15-20 minutes after the start of a meal. If eaten quickly, it is easy to miss the saturation point.


In addition to being overweight with a build-up of fat mainly on the belly, fast food increases blood sugar and disrupts metabolism. Eating food slowly can help avoid metabolic syndrome. It is a collective term that encompasses the aforementioned diseases and risk factors for the development of cardiovascular disease.


Chewing for a long time not only shreds food better, but also helps in the production of saliva, which aids proper digestion. The first stage of digestion takes place in the mouth. Those who swallow food quickly also swallow more air, which can lead to hiccups and bloating.


Food is a pleasure and an everyday joy of life. But how can you feel this joy if you do not devote enough time to it? A good wine reveals its flavor notes only when you hold it in your mouth for a while. This also applies to other foods, especially fruits and vegetables. If you focus on what’s on the plate, you can even do some kind of meditation that will help relieve stress.


Slowness at lunch, accordingly, helps to eat less. Knowing this, you will no longer order more dishes at the restaurant and buy an extra pie at the diner. This cannot but affect the budget.

How to learn to eat slowly

Here are some tips to help you start eating slowly today and make it a good habit in the future.

  • Set aside at least 20 minutes for lunch.
  • Take small pieces. You can also serve food in a smaller container.
  • Chew your food 20 times after each bite. It may seem difficult at first, then start at 10 times and increase constantly.
  • Keep a food diary. This is not the same as a calorie diary. What matters here is not how much you ate, but what was the taste, smell and structure of the dish. This teaches you how to enjoy food and analyze your feelings.
  • Find out and think about the origin of the food, how this or that ingredient got on the table for you or the cook. Learn to be grateful.
  • Only eat while sitting at the table. Not standing or on the way to work.

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  • Eat with cutlery, not with your hands. It is not necessary to set the table as at a dinner party, but the minimum must be present.
  • Use quality food when cooking. Ideally, you should stick to proper nutrition, but for a start, avoiding fatty foods and semi-finished products is suitable.
  • Create a cozy atmosphere. A candlelit dinner, a beautifully decorated table and good company will force you to slow down.
  • Place the cutlery on the table after each bite and pick it up again after chewing and swallowing the food thoroughly.
  • Eat without distraction. Your TV, phone and book won’t disappear if you ignore them for half an hour.

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