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Eco Slim is a dietary supplement for weight loss. Its active composition is represented by components of predominantly vegetable origin. Eco Slim is characterized by versatile properties aimed at reducing body weight. The drug accelerates metabolic processes, has a moderate detoxifying effect.

The dietary supplement has contraindications for use. With prolonged use or exceeding dosages, there is a high risk of adverse reactions. Therefore, it is advisable to coordinate the upcoming treatment with a doctor.

Composition and impact

Eco Slim – tablets for the preparation of an effervescent drink. Despite the manufacturer’s claims of a completely natural composition, such statements do not correspond to reality. The drug contains synthetic components that function as dyes, stabilizers, preservatives. When creating capsules for weight loss Eco Slim with the smell of wild berries, chemical flavors were also used.

The therapeutic properties of a bioactive supplement are based on the action of active ingredients, each of which is a concentrated extract from a medicinal plant.

The main composition is represented by the following components:

  • arctic cloudberry;
  • podophyll;
  • lingonberry;
  • blueberries.

Due to the presence of coarse fiber, these phytoextracts are able to cleanse the organs of the digestive system from accumulated toxins. They attract them to their surface, bind and evacuate them from the body. In the chemical composition of the ingredients there is also a certain amount of organic acids, vitamins, macro- and microelements, which activate metabolism.

Indications and contraindications

The manufacturer recommends the use of Eco Slim effervescent tablets for weight loss. The main indication for therapy is overweight. The bioactive supplement is designed to accelerate a genetically determined slow metabolism. The drug is taken with a tendency to overeat, preference for fatty and sweet foods. The annotation proposes to use the bioactive additive as a gastrointestinal tract cleansing agent.

An absolute contraindication to the use of the Eco Slim diet pill is an individual intolerance to the components. It should be borne in mind that this is relevant not only for phytoextracts, but also for auxiliary ingredients. It is forbidden to reduce weight in this way for women during pregnancy and lactation, children and adolescents. The list of contraindications includes diabetes mellitus, severe liver and kidney disease, endocrine disorders, acute gastritis, ulcers.

Instructions and dosage

Eco Slim for weight loss is taken daily, at the same time 1 time per day. The manufacturer recommends doing this in the morning before breakfast. The tablet is dissolved in a glass of cool water with constant stirring. Then they drink in small sips until a feeling of satiety appears. The duration of the therapeutic course is 30 days. The instructions suggest repeating it if there is an excessive weight.

The drug is used during the off-season as a prophylactic agent for overeating, decreased physical activity.

What results does the manufacturer promise

Effervescent tablets Eco Slim are positioned by distributors as an innovative product for weight loss in the shortest possible time. It is assumed that it will be possible to lose weight by reducing the absorption of fatty acids in the intestines, accelerating metabolism, and developing correct eating habits. The annotation claims that taking even one serving of the drink can block the production of endorphins in response to eating foods saturated with sugars and fats.

The manufacturer promises that the use of a bioactive supplement will help get rid of 8-15 extra pounds in a month. It guarantees the improvement of skin condition by accelerating collagen production. And a bonus will be a complete cleansing of the body from toxic substances.

Side effects

Due to the low concentration of active ingredients, side effects are unlikely. Even the simultaneous intake of 2 effervescent tablets Eco Slim will not affect the physical and psychological state of a person.

But if there is a predisposition to the development of a sensitization reaction, the likelihood of a deterioration in well-being is high. The fact is that all phytoextracts are allergens. Therefore, after using dietary supplements, the following symptoms may occur:

  • redness, swelling of the skin;
  • the formation of large or small rashes;
  • the appearance of itching and soreness.

In such cases, it is required to wash the stomach and take any enterosorbent, for example, activated carbon. Then you should seek medical help for symptomatic treatment.

Cost and where to buy

The dietary supplement is not sold in any pharmacy chain. It is sold through the manufacturer’s website and distributors’ electronic resources. You must first leave your current phone number and wait for a call from the consultant. After placing an order, it will be delivered to the consumer within a few days. The cost of a bioactive supplement is about a thousand rubles.

Effervescent diet pills Eco Slim should not be considered as a means to help you lose weight without strenuous exercise and lowering the calorie intake. There is not a single ingredient in their composition that has any fat burning properties.

At the initial stage of therapy, a slight decrease in body weight is possible due to the diuretic effect of phytoextracts. Even as a source of vitamins and minerals, the use of Eco Slim dietary supplements is impractical due to the low quantitative content of these substances. The drug will help you lose weight, but only with a decrease in calorie intake, and active sports training.

: Lyudmila Sheveleva, pharmacist,

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