Effective remedies for leg swelling and fatigue

If by the evening your legs get tired and you feel heaviness in them, swelling occurs, then it’s time to find out the reason. In most healthy people, the reasons that provoke the occurrence of such ailments are:

  • staying in one position for a long time, in other words, during work you have to stand or sit more. Here you can name a number of professions: office workers, salesmen, hairdressers, teachers, drivers … Then you can continue the listing;
  • power overload, for example, during sports;
  • high heels, in which you have to be throughout the day, and in general, tight or uncomfortable shoes;
  • temporary metabolic disorders during pregnancy;
  • being overweight (although this factor is difficult to attribute to a person with normal health).

However, even if you consider yourself to be a healthy person, it is necessary to visit a doctor, since some diseases in the early stages of their development do not manifest themselves with any special signs, and you think that you are just tired. For example, heart failure is often accompanied by palpitations, shortness of breath, and a constant feeling of weakness and fatigue.

Or varicose veins. In this case, swelling of the legs are its first signs, and if you do not consult a doctor during the time, more serious symptoms will follow – pain, cramps, small blue-red spots and “stars” will appear on the skin, and then thickened knotty veins will be added, on pigmentation will appear on the skin of the legs, which is a harbinger of trophic ulcers.

But let’s hope that you are healthy and just tired, or are familiar with those listed factors that cause feelings of fatigue. Therefore, we will consider how to solve the problem of relieving tension in the legs with the help of cooling, tonic and sedatives. After all, to call legs beautiful, they must first be healthy.

remedies for swelling and tired legs

What remedies will help relieve leg fatigue? This problem is solved by many means: gels, creams, ointments, masks, wraps. Today we will focus on gels …

Gels for swelling and tired legs

Relaxing cryo-gel Spa of Beauty Crio-gel Anti-Inflamatorio, KEENWELL (Spain)

The gel relieves swelling, has wound healing and anti-inflammatory effects. The manufacturer recommends it not only for relieving leg fatigue, but also for bruises, joint pains and sprains. The product creates a cooling effect after about 10 minutes. Cooling time 40 minutes.

Gel for swelling and tired legs

Gel for tired legs Light Legs Fresh Gel, YVES ROCHER (France)

The composition of the gel can be safely called natural. It contains 99% of ingredients of natural origin. The product cools gently, the cooling effect builds up gradually and also quietly weakens. You can feel these sensations within 25 – 30 minutes.

Gel for light legs Gel for Feather-light Legs, THALGO (France)

This tool cools and gives freshness to the feet quickly enough, it can even be classified as freezing. The gel is recommended to be applied in the morning and in the evening.

Gel for swelling and tired legs

Gel for relieving fatigue and heaviness in the legs, DR.STERN (Russia)

The gel also has a cooling effect, reduces puffiness, and even acts on the walls of blood vessels, strengthening them. In other words, in addition to relieving discomfort in the legs, the gel also acts as a therapeutic agent. The gel contains Troxerutin (2%), which increases the strength of capillaries and improves microcirculation in tissues.

The gel also removes microcracks on the skin of the feet, moisturizes the skin. Based on the listed properties, it becomes clear why the gel is also intended as an additional remedy for the treatment of varicose veins, thrombophlebitis, edema, as well as an absorbent for bruises and bruises.

Gel “EASY STEP” toning for legs, ARAVIA PROFESSIONAL (Russia)

The gel quickly refreshes the skin, has a tonic effect, relieves the feeling of heaviness and tiredness of the legs, and stimulates microcirculation. The product contains mint oil and extract, rutin, horse chestnut extract, glycerin and menthol. The gel is quickly absorbed and moisturizes the skin well.

It is recommended for those who wear heels during the day and have a tendency to vascular pathologies.

Effective remedies for leg swelling and fatigue

Gel for relieving leg fatigue, BELITA – VITEX (Belarus)

The gel contains essential oils of tea tree, mint, eucalyptus, almond oil, hazelnut oil and menthol. The product has antiseptic and soothing properties. The gel works quickly, relieving heaviness and tiredness of the legs. Its effect lasts for 30-40 minutes.

Foot gel “Red grapes”, NATURE LABORATORY. (Russia)

The gel contains allantoin, glycerin, castor oil, cooling menthol. The tool helps to get rid of heaviness in the legs, and also works as a therapeutic agent, improves blood microcirculation and softens the skin.

Swelling of the legs occurs with increased load, when there is difficulty in the distribution and removal of fluid in muscle tissue. However, the question of why this happens can only be answered by a doctor with a thorough diagnosis of your body. Therefore, doctor visits and quality diagnostics are essential. Be attentive to your body. Follow a healthy lifestyle, maintain normal physical activity.

Author: Tatiana Dmitrieva

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