EFT, sound therapy, calinotherapy… New and original activities to relax

Relaxation. We are constantly looking for that feeling of fullness. Faced with everyday problems such as work-related anxieties, family worries or financial worries, we stress. Considered as the “evil of the century”, this unpleasant feeling affects 9 out of 10 French people *, particularly women.

After yoga, meditation and reiki, new methods of relaxation, coming from the four corners of the planet, have recently arrived in France. These original activities can be tried out at home or with a group. From sound therapy, to rigology and EFT, discover amazing new ways to be more zen to say goodbye to stress!

The sonothérapie

Listening to certain sounds helps you relax. What is called sound therapy is based on the reception of different sound waves that bring a feeling of well-being. There are several: harmonic singing, widely used in India and Tibet, consists of pronouncing vowels with a particular tone, which frees the therapeutic waves. The Tibetan bowls or the therapeutic tuning fork also help to relax, especially during meditation sessions.


Invented by a Frenchwoman, Corinne Cosseron, this laughter therapy is a psycho-corporal technique for personal development that allows you to cultivate your joie de vivre, your happiness and develop a positive attitude towards everyday life. Above all, rigology allows you to learn to let go, to free your mind from the thousands of thoughts that cross us every day and therefore to relax.


Coming from the United States, the “Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response” (ASMR), translate “Automatic response of sensory meridians” is the name given to recordings of sounds, noises, tampering with objects, soft voices, whispers published on the Youtube platform that would trigger a pleasant sensation among Internet users.


Hugs are known to reduce stress and release pressure through the production of endorphins, the hormones responsible for a feeling of well-being. For the more courageous, workshops offer participants the opportunity to indulge in hugs. The goal ? Let go, fill up with positive energy and enjoy a moment of tenderness.


Originally from the United States, the “Emotional Freedom Techniques”, in French “techniques of emotional liberation” is based on the idea that stress, like any negative emotion, is due to a disturbance of the bodily energy system. What does the method consist of? By stimulating meridian points with your fingertips to boost energy circulation. Relaxation guaranteed!

* According to a study carried out by OpinionWay in October 2017, on a sample of 1017 people, representative of the French population.

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