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In early August, actress Jessica Chastain posted a post where she boasted about a new haircut. The image turned out to be very feminine — ragged bangs and chaotic curls prettily framed the face. Previously, this option was more associated with French women, but now it can be found in many girls. We have collected the most inspiring examples from instagram so that you will have something to show the stylist during your next visit to the salon.

What bangs are worn by French fashionistas

Haircut for curly and wavy hair

The same haircut looks different depending on the type of your hair. It is obvious that it looks more voluminous on curly and wavy hair. Look for examples in @gigiringel and @emlabowe.

Haircuts for straight and thin hair

On thin and straight hair, the same haircut can look less lush, but still very feminine. Follow the images of @estellaboersma or @louisefollain.


Source: instyle.ru


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