Engagement ring: when the loner has fun

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It symbolizes a commitment, testifies to a love that wants to be eternal just like the stone that embodies it. A great classic of the engagement ring, the solitaire nevertheless allows itself more and more eccentricities. The only constant, his diamond.

When choosing the jewel that will seal the commitment of a lifetime, it is not easy to make a decision. It must be said that jewelry contains treasures ready to bear witness to this promise of eternal love. Each relying on different but equally attractive criteria. White, yellow or pink gold, platinum, paved or simple ring, colored stone or diamond … Enough to make the bride and groom dizzy, whether they choose it together or not.

The safe bet remains the famous solitaire, adorned with a diamond and which comes with a ring set or not. But for those who would like to orient themselves towards this great classic of commitment while allowing themselves a touch of eccentricity, jewelry houses are increasingly leaving the beaten track to offer it alternatives.

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A diamond that has fun

If the stone of an engagement ring already allowed itself different designs (pear, baguette …), it is now metamorphosed into much more unique shapes. At Chaumet, it turns into a bee that comes to forage on the finger when at Piaget, Dior Joaillerie or Bulgari, it lands in the heart of a delicate and poetic flower. In a more retro spirit, Boucheron and Chanel Joaillerie imagine it adorning the caress of a feather. And at Djula, the jewel offers the radiance of the sun. Because nothing is too good to say yes.

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But the diamond is also ready to give up its uniqueness to better stand out. Multiple at Ginette NYC, as a trio at La Brune and La Blonde and Poiray or as a duo at Ofée.

Finally, solo, he allows himself to leave the center of the ring for a truly original escape on the finger at Guérin Joaillerie and Persée Paris.

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The not so unique ring

No matter what material it is made of, whoever wears the gemstone also knows how to distinguish himself. While it splits at Dinh Van and Messika and multiplies itself at Tiffany & Co, it displays a zigzag spirit at Gemmyo and notched at Arthus-Bertrand.

Enough to be convinced to put a little originality on your finger

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