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This is not the first time that I have told you about ethical jewelry, I would like to have the opportunity to talk about it much more often on the blog.

In general, the jewelry industry is one of the most polluting activities in the world.
Fortunately, you have the possibility of adopting an ethical and more respectful approach for the environment, by choosing to buy a jewel in recycled gold and with also gems of certified ethical provenance.


The Green Joaillerie OR DU MONDE has just released its brand new collection of engagement rings named Tandem In Love ; a beautiful tribute to six legendary couples. A true hymn to love! To have seen them in person, I can tell you that they are all as sumptuous as the others. I also had a huge crush on the lonely Michelle & Barack.

Here is a quick presentation of these six wonders and in pictures of course!
1. The Gala & Dali solitaire
From the passionate love between the artist and his muse was born this magnificent solitary Gala & Dali ! I really like the two diamonds of 0.10 carat give this creation a refined allure, with surreal accents). The mythical couple had chosen to go into exile to live their love story.

2. The solitaire of Beauvoir & Sartre

Free and anti-conformist love, here is an ode to love that pays tribute to these two forces of character that have marked the history of French literature: the Solitaire by Beauvoir & Sartre. Good news for all diamond lovers, this creation is illuminated with 20 diamonds of 0.30 carat, and two diamonds of 0.25 carat.

3. The solitary Michelle & Barack

Authentic, lasting love and an unwavering bond unite this iconic American couple. The House has produced the perfect reflection of their history through this solitaire Michelle & Barack, combining refinement and delicacy. A pure wonder with its two diamonds of 0.15 carats, releasing an exceptional fire!

4. The Solitaire Barbara & Kay

A hymn to free and universal love with the lonely Barbara & Kay. A contemporary, daring and luminous creation with its two diamonds of 0.06 carats which entwine under the sparkling fires of a paving of 24 diamonds!

5. The solitary Jane & Serge

From the tumultuous, passionate romance between the singer and his muse was born the loner Jane & Serge, where two diamonds of 0.14 carats release an intense sparkle on a luminous gold thread. A beautiful creation with a rock look and a touch of modernity, for a perfect combo!

6. Le Solitaire Yoko & John

Here is the most beautiful tribute to the fusional love between these two artists, these two soul mates: the solitary Yoko & John. A creation full of grace, all in curve and delicacy and which is illuminated by two diamonds of 0.30 carat.

Do not hesitate to contact this wonderful ethical house of jewelry and make an appointment with them.
You can also point me to the engagement ring that caught your attention at the bottom of this article, I’m always happy to read your comments!


Ethical jewelry WORLD GOLD offers jewelry (engagement rings, wedding rings, necklace, etc.) only in recycled gold. The brand also guarantees the ethical provenance of its diamonds and stones so that they are pure from mine to case (safe working conditions and with fair remuneration, respect for human rights, respect environment, ISO 14001 commitments from mining partners and a virtuous local diamond economy).

Currently, the jewelry industry could choose to no longer mine gold, since we have sufficient reserves for the next 50 years.

Rather than making the choice to continue extracting this precious resource, WORLD GOLD has chosen to recycle it, for a 0! environmental impact.
Since the Green Jewelry was created, WORLD GOLD recycled 145 kilos of gold, which represents savings for the planet of: 101 million liters of water, 577,762 grams of mercury, 8,666 tonnes of cyanide and 288,881 tonnes of mining waste.

Another very important point, all their creations are made in their Parisian workshop, guaranteeing unparalleled know-how, but also 100% Made in France manufacturing.





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