Engagement rings: the jeweler Mellerio places his creations under hip-hop impulse

For his three new engagement rings, Maglia, Giardino and Stresa, the jeweler of kings and queens breaks his codes during an ultrasensual choreography under the influence of hip-hop.

Four hands of dancers intertwine, seduce and promise each other, to conclude a signature ring on the ring finger, all to the rhythm of a beat under hip-hop influence, composed especially for the occasion. An inspirational choreographed video street which bears the signature of the French choreographer Brice Larrieu. The one who is also known as Skorpion – he notably put the biggest divas on stage (Madonna, Kylie Minogue, Celine Dion) – puts the new season in orbit bridal of Mellerio. On display, three contemporary-looking engagement rings are added to the collection of the house on Rue de la Paix: Maglia, Giardino and Stresa.

Gold is available there in all its forms. While one features fine lace beaded with diamond shards, the other takes on an ancestral floral design of the house, while the last is adorned with volume. chunky ultramodern in homage to textured gold rushes. What do they have in common? A signature center stone punctuated with delicate diamonds, the design of which gives a much-awaited second wind to the traditional engagement ring.

New tempo

Famous for his engagement rings, the jeweler of the rue de la Paix presents a very inspiring relifting. To find on

Mellerio / photo press

If Mellerio dits Meller has been creating sentimental jewels for nearly four centuries, from the most symbolic weddings (an adornment for the Empress Eugenie or a diadem for the Scandinavian crown) to the most intimate, the oldest jeweler still in activity breaks the codes of its history with this digital creation and bridal 2.0. While engagement rings still very prominent in their shop are a resounding success, today it is a less traditional design that is sought after: unique volumes that emerge from the eternal solitary, even if it means offering a family stone, built tailor-made, six-handed with the jeweler (the last on rue de la Paix to offer this service). The new demand is illustrated here in this hypnotic dance derived from hip-hop, the “finger tutting“. It gives substance to this dialogue between archives and the present undertaken by the house in 2015, when the creator Alexandre Vauthier, the first fashion designer to join Mellerio’s creative dance, signed his first collection of graphic fine jewelry.


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