Espadrille: these five moments when it dethrones the summer sandal

The espadrille has not always enjoyed the status ofit summer that we know her but she has more and more tendency to eclipate the barefoot as recently proved Letizia of Spain who never leaves her wedges.

For several decades, the espadrille has stood out as an emblem of la dolce vita and idleness. The best reference? Jane Birkin in the 1970s in high-waisted pants, wicker basket and rope wedges – a look that has since been adopted identically by Jeanne Damas et al. And more recently, Letizia from Spain who adopted wedge espadrilles for her tour of Spain, available in beige, black, white and even pink.

However, some do not succumb to its charm: they surely keep their grumpy campsite neighbor in mind, all day long in discolored, dirty or even distorted slippers. But espadrille and classy deposit are not mutually exclusive, as the shopping selection below shows. We also want the ultimate proof of these five situations, in which the iconic shoes of the Southwest will appear much more attractive than a conventional pair of sandals.

In the office…

… To combine comfort, holiday fragrance and modern elegance. Because we keep trampling in the corridors of our workplace and the espadrille has all the luxury Charentaise, offbeat shoe, that our colleagues will envy us.


To a wedding…

… Where all headaches are banned and where style effortless chic is just as fresh as the bride’s flower crown. Not to mention that the wedge heel or the thin ribbon hugging the ankle will be our silhouette’s best friends.

To the beach…

… Without the anguish of the grain of sand scratching our sandal. Nor that of the halos left by the salt water of the sea on the same leather. With the satisfaction of not battling against our gladiator curls to go for a dip when the urge takes hold.


To go shopping…

… The foot protected in this fashion alternative to the slipper. Its rope sole lets the skin breathe, and its flexible material – linen, canvas, cotton – allows the foot to feel comfortable without attacking it with straps or other metal ties. The absence of these also makes it possible to put on and take off in two seconds watch in hand. And that is an undeniable plus.

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In tourist mode …

… Worthy representative of the French style that we are so envious of. Comfortable and light shoes, espadrilles will allow all those who are traveling on sunny days to walk Florence, Paris or Comporta with a chic nonchalance.

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