Etiopathy, a manual therapy with many indications

The principle of etiopathy
Unlike many manual techniques, etiopathy is based on criteria of analysis and research of the underlying pathologies to determine and act on the causes at the origin of the dysfunction of the organism. It is only through this reasoned approach that the etiopath intervenes on his patient by means of manipulations. In this, etiopathy is similar to osteopathy since it considers the human body to be a real mechanism whose primary lesions should be treated in order to eliminate the undesirable effects which they induce by ricochets. Thus, etiopathy constitutes a curative therapy which combines both a medical analysis of pathologies and manual intervention on the various bodily entities.

In which cases to consult an etiopath?
The fields of intervention of etiopathy are multiple. It can be indicated in the context of many attacks:

  • damage to the musculoskeletal system;
  • ENT disorders;
  • disorders of the respiratory system;
  • strains, sprains and other joint problems;
  • gynecological or urinary disorders;
  • psychological disorders;
  • digestive disorders …

What are the differences with osteopathy?
If etiopathy and osteopathy are related manipulative techniques, they nevertheless have specificities. To begin with, etiopathy not only seeks to relieve the patient of the ailment that affects him, but it aims at the total restoration of his internal balance, unlike osteopathy which is limited to treating the symptoms. The etiopathic approach is part of a longer and deeper process, when its elder is part of a certain form of immediate relief.

How is an etiopathy consultation carried out?
The consultation with an etiopath takes place in two distinct phases. The first consists of an etiopathic clinical analysis which will be followed by manual treatment. The techniques used are based on a clearly established therapeutic background common to all the aetiopaths. As a rule, etiopathic treatment lasts between two and six sessions when it comes to a problem without complexity. For more important conditions such as a chronic pathology, for example, the management may be longer.


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