Etro: a post-containment parade to the music of Ennio Morricone

Etro Spring-Summer 2021 – Etro – Etro

Finally ! Wednesday in Milan, after 15 weeks of confinement, Etro staged the first real parade since the start of the health crisis, in front of a masked audience strictly applying social distancing measures.

This type of event had not taken place since the Louis Vuitton show in Paris on March 3. Etro unveiled his Spring-Summer 2021 unisex collection at Milan’s most prestigious hotel, the Four Seasons, on Via Gésu. The mannequins paraded on gravel paths in the cloister of this former 15th century convent.

Like every event of the four days of this digital Fashion Week, the Etro show is rebroadcast on the Internet platform of Camera della Moda, the governing body of Italian fashion. Only one other event will take place live and in public in Milan this week: the Dolce & Gabbana fashion show, at 5.30pm today, on an official calendar featuring 43 presentations.

On the opening shot of the capture, we can see the children of the brand’s founder, Kean and Veronica Etro, bustling around the mannequins lined up in a spiral in a circular courtyard next to the hotel’s garden, all filmed by a drone.

From the first look, Etro – probably the brand with the most iconic prints in Italian fashion – announces the color, with a jacket adorned with architectural details and faded flowers, worn with a shirt depicting a thirsty tiger in an oasis and jeans. faded reverse. A certain vision of masculine elegance, inspired by the Wild West. The first female model wears a long, flowing floral dress, concealed by a fringed suede Indian jacket.

The models stroll in front of cautious guests, one meter apart and almost all masked – the elite of Milanese fashion journalists: Emanuele Farneti, editor-in-chief of the Vogue Italian, Andrea Tenerani, the city’s most sought-after male designer, and British correspondent Luke Leitch, all seated at a safe distance under large white umbrellas.

Etro Spring-Summer 2021 – Etro – Etro

For these gentlemen, Etro offers a wardrobe tailored for the urban jungle: Prince of Wales, simple jackets, quirky and deconstructed costumes in paisley patterns, and even a rockstar outfit in a jungle print. The classical orchestra Ensemble Testori – a cello, double bass, piano and violin quartet conducted by Giulia Sandoli – played an ideal selection of the great arias of Ennio Morricone, who died a few days ago. Highlight of the show, an emotional interpretation of his music for Once upon a Time in the West.

“We are finally reunited in the garden of this emblematic hotel, in the heart of the Milanese district of Montenapoleone. We wanted to emphasize that we are a family, that Etro is a family that lives in a world filled with joie de vivre, color and of positivity. This season we showcase real clothes for real people, we imagine new authenticity. Just what we like, what we think is relevant, what makes us feel good. Nothing more than that “, explain Kean and Veronica Etro, the brother and sister who run the house’s creative studio.

For social occasions: knitted cashmere vests with Navajo patterns, stunning Saharan ones cut in an original beige Ikat and a remarkable leather jacket adorned with a beautiful image of the Nevada desert, like the one a cowboy would wear on a opening in an art gallery in New Mexico. Lots of striped shirts, printed with pictures of big cats. Not to mention ecology: these pieces are cut from fabrics of eucalyptus fibers, and some polo shirts are made from recycled plastic bottles.

The women seem ready to go dancing in a barn, with their lace dresses on. Short shorts and denim jackets with marbled intarsia patterns, and a superb suit cut in the same tiger print as their male cronies. And cowgirl Etro has nothing against a small stopover in Nepal, to go find embroidered belts and charming silk shirts. The models – men and women alike – often carried shopping bags and travel bags, ready to check in at the reception of a hotel somewhere in the world. These ladies often sported the new Etro x Carrera sunglasses, which refer to the brand’s iconic Champion “aviator” model, but comes in Etro colors – bitter lemon, deep red and candy pink.

In short: the perfect clothes to make a good first impression when you arrive in a villa for the weekend. Kean and Veronica looked very proud as they greeted their audience at the end of the parade, and it was totally legitimate.



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