Euphoria star Alexa Demie talks about why beauty should be about expression

“If you put it on paper then it happens for real,” says the actress – star of Euphoria – Alexa Demie to Vogue via Zoom. Demie is found in his Los Angeles home, reflecting on the power of the expression. As a result of several episodes of skin rash due toacne during adolescence, Demie is used to repeat aloud each morning when I wake up: “I have a beautiful skin, clean, free from acne and scars”. And it worked. Ten years later, he gathered the necessary energy that they brought to get his personal campaign beauty. The following week he received a call from MAC Cosmetics. And now points to his business of beauty, even if for the moment he has his lips tight on this project.

Born and raised in Hollywood, Demie is best known for her role of Maddy Perez in the TV series of house, HBO, Euphoria. The former beauty queen, Maddy is a young woman, apparently very sure of himself, who is not afraid to use their sexuality to get what she wants – conveyed in his way of dressing and through its aesthetically bold. Like his character, Demie using makeup as a creative medium of self-expression. With regard to the feeling of being beautiful, Demie is more concerned with his feelings and the way in which it appears, a lesson that all should learn. We had a chat with the actress to discuss her relationship with the beauty in constant evolution.

Your mother was a make-up artist – growing up, what role has played the beauty in your relationship?

“I remember as a child that I would sit on the ground and I thumbed through magazines all day, as I watched my mother put on her makeup. When I was 12 years old, had to create this look in 15 minutes in front of the people, to the MAC, where he worked, in order to become a proartist. His model had canceled and asked if he could make it on me. I was sitting on a podium, I had completely removed the eyebrows, rigged the eyes blue and lips red. It was awesome. I was also taught how to cleanse and moisturize, use sunscreen and drink lots of water. If I came home and went to bed wearing makeup, I was awakening to tell me to struccarmi”.

You’d experiment with makeup on your behalf?

“There are some of my photos from when I was five years old and I put on lipstick looking in the mirror. I think I was destined to beauty products. For me the trick was a means for me to put myself in the shoes of different characters, be versatile, chameleon-like. It is imagination, escape from reality and to be able to immerse themselves in other lives”.

You have always been at ease with your appearance?

“Growing up, there were moments where I thought, ‘they Are a stunner, look at me’, and then there were moments where I thought, ‘too lean’. I’ve had ups and downs with my appearance and I have them still; there are days when I hate my appearance and my body, but I understand that it depends on how you feel inside, because it is what influences the perception of you. It is the same for the work and for something that we realize – when you are not at ease do you think that any of what you’ve made sucks”.

What do you do in those moments?

“When I don’t feel at the top, I can do a make-up, wearing something nice, I listen to a song – I try anything that can make me leave that state of mind, so that I feel better. The time helps. There was a period of my life where I suffered from acne and to cover it I truccavo always. It made me huge insecurities. If I slept at the house of my friends I made sure to wake up before them to put on my makeup and then went to bed. I was really insecure. So I have simply taken the time to take care of my skin. I tried any cleanser and acne product. But it is also linked to what you eat or drink. It may seem crazy, but every morning when I wake up, I said: ‘I have a beautiful skin, clean, free from acne and scars.’ I repeated it every day, and it worked!!!”.

What other beauty secrets can you reveal to us?

“During the quarantine , I was obsessed by skin care. I bought a vaporizer from home and I have made facials using steam. I also use roller and massagers facial masks of clay with bubbles. In a few words, I a in-home Spa.”


With regard to the references to aesthetic, you’re a big fan of the ’90s. What else inspires you?

“I love old Hollywood stars like Sophia Loren and María Félix. Also, in the 60’s Italian cinema and the French made the best eye makeup. It is something that I really like. I had a phase a little happy when I thought I was punk, because I was obsessed with No Doubt, who are not even punk. I was wearing boots, heavy pants patchwork plaid from the low waist, brought my hair to the side so as to cover an eye and I used a makeup smudged on the eyes. I also have a photo of when I was in the fifth grade with hair all colored, eyeliner on eyes and in fishnet stockings. It is quite absurd in reality.”

Where do you think you will arrive your obsession with beauty?

“Well, I’m planning a business on beauty, but I can’t talk about it. Let’s say that it is not so much a business, as a way to expand my knowledge on skin care and make-up and share it with the world”.

We talk of Euphoria. How it feels to be part of a series in which both the make-up that beauty play a vital role in the plot?

“It’s really a dream come true to see the creators of the series so interested in makeup and sit with me and have a conversation about it, because it usually does not count your opinion on the make-up. I made a list of look that I have dreamed of doing privately on Tumblr and in binders since high school, and now I can finally see them realized”.

How important are the looks of Maddy for her character?

“They are incredibly important. Right from the start, Maddy was destined to have all the look. He started to put on makeup from a very young age, both she and I, we’ve had a family situation ideal, then is also a kind of escape. The makeup is like a mask that he wears in order to have more security, why haven’t you ever been to the bottom”.

It is something with which you identify?

“I have always been a person deep, and I’m more worried of my feelings and the way in which I appear. The fact that my mother was a make-up artist has taken me to rebel. Often I didn’t want to put on my makeup”.

What have you learned about beauty in the role of Maddy?

“It has made me more secure, to realize one certain look. It’s nice to see people online to re-create them and have fun with cosmetics. Nevertheless, the beauty hides a dark side. In short, we should understand that beauty is not everything. We should have fun with the makeup and use it as a means of artistic and expressive, and not as a mask to hide what we feel or who we really are”.

It is ironic that what you’re making with the make-up, and what that Euphoria is doing, is challenging the ideals of beauty and traditional – and now both magazines and fashion designers are taking these new look, promoting them as the new trends to follow…

“Since the dawn of time, the trends there have been taxes. That’s why I always like to say to people: ‘Look at my make-up and maybe use it to inspire your, but you don’t have to re-do the same. Create a personal version. The trends are not going anywhere, they should only be taken with the tongs, because you should not like to force someone”.

What advice would you give to people who are not satisfied with their appearance?

“Quit looking at yourselves in the mirror. Stop focusing on outward appearance and focus on something else. If you look in the mirror, you’ll inevitably find something wrong”.


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