Everlasting flower essential oil: what are its benefits and how to use it?

Everlasting is a plant that grows around the Mediterranean, mainly in Corsica and Sardinia. It therefore loves the sun and the sandy soils of the seaside. It takes its name from one of its peculiarities: its pretty yellow flowers never fade, even after picking.

If there are more than 400 species of immortelle, only the immortelle of Italy produces a precious and rare essential oil: the Italian helichrysum HE (helichrysum italicum). It is obtained after distillation of flowering tops of immortelle.

Helichrysum essential oil is particularly expensive. Its high price is explained by the fact that a ton of flowers is needed to obtain 1 kg of essential oil. For comparison, 150 kg of true lavender is sufficient for the same result.

The quality of immortelle essential oil depends on its concentration of neryl acetate, an active ingredient that gives it many health benefits and distinguishes it from other lesser known varieties of helichrysum. Among them are the helichrysum bracteiferum and gymnocephalum from Madagascar, which has mainly pulmonary and respiratory tropism, and the helichrysum angustifolium from the Balkans, which has anti-inflammatory properties.

Everlasting flower essential oil: a powerful anti-hematoma

Everlasting flower essential oil is the most effective anti-hematoma: its decongestant action is exceptional on bruises, edema and circulatory trauma. It therefore has its place in the medicine cabinet of athletes!

Everlasting flower essential oil promotes blood circulation

Effective on the circulatory system, this essential oil thins the blood and activates microcirculation. In question ? It is rich in terpenes, components that give it a draining and vasoconstrictor action on the capillaries. Everlasting flower essential oil is therefore also very useful in cases of rosacea, dark circles or spider veins.

Everlasting flower essential oil: a restorative action

Everlasting flower essential oil is also used for skin care as it accelerates tissue repair. It can for example be applied to a scar after a surgical operation.

How to use immortelle essential oil?

Everlasting flower essential oil is used by the skin. Its internal use is possible only on medical prescription.

To relieve bruises, bumps or edema, you can locally apply three pure drops of immortelle essential oil three times a day until they disappear.

Do you have a scar? Since immortelle essential oil has restorative properties, you can apply two drops of this pure EO twice a day to accelerate tissue repair.

Everlasting flower essential oil can also be useful in cases of rosacea or dark circles. To do this, add two drops of this EO in your moisturizer or dilute them in a vegetable oil and apply this mixture morning and evening until you notice an improvement.

How to multiply the benefits of immortelle essential oil?

Used in synergy with other essential oils, its effects are potentiated. In the event of a strain or sprain, you can, for example, prepare the following mixture in a 10 ml bottle:

  • 20 drops of Italian helichrysum essential oil to decongest the bruise
  • 15 drops of lemon eucalyptus essential oil for its anti-inflammatory effect
  • 15 drops of peppermint essential oil for pain relief

Complete with oily arnica macerate to promote circulation and strengthen the action of Italian helichrysum essential oil, then apply three drops of this synergy three times a day to the inflamed area for five days.

Everlasting flower essential oil: what contraindications and what side effects?

Everlasting flower essential oil is contraindicated in pregnant and breastfeeding women as well as in children under 8 years old. It should also be avoided in case of heavy periods or anticoagulant treatment.

Like all essential oils with ketones (rosemary verbenone, officinal sage, lavender aspic, peppermint …), it can have neurotoxic effects at high doses. It is therefore advisable to limit the dose and not to use it for a long time. If in doubt, do not hesitate to seek advice from a specialist.

thanks to Catherine Lavigne, naturopath in Paris.

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