Everyday life of celebrities: how Bella Hadid looks like in real life

Flared jeans, a huge collection of crop tops and the signature look of “fox eyes”, which hundreds of girls around the world are trying to replicate … How one of the highest paid models in the world looks and dresses when taking a break from fashion shows and filming for glossy magazines.

Photo: East News

Photo: East News

Despite the fact that as a child, Bella Hadid was professionally involved in equestrian sports and dreamed of playing for the country’s Olympic team, her second passion was and remains fashion. Among all the trends of different historical eras, at first sight, she fell in love with the style of the 1990s, which combines sexuality, practicality, an atmosphere of sport-chic, and still remains faithful only to him.

If on the catwalk designers most often dress Bella Hadid in feminine outfits – formal trouser suits, fur coats and long dresses, then in everyday life she looks completely different. Most of the model’s wardrobe is occupied by low-waisted flared jeans, cropped windbreakers, leather jackets, cardigans, pantsuits, baguette bags bought in vintage stores, and, of course, crop tops – the press for which a girl spends several hours a day in the gym, it’s a pity to hide from the admiring glances of passers-by.

Among the shoes, Bella Hadid’s main favorites for several years in a row have been massive boots and high stiletto heels, which she wears with both short skirts and flared trousers, complementing the looks with chain belts, which will become one of the main trends of the season this fall.

The outfits that the star chooses for official outings always look stylish, but they balance on the brink of frankness: Bella Hadid prefers to appear on red carpets in bright scarlet and black long dresses, which complement the deep neckline, cutouts and the most open back.

Sportswear becomes another basis for the model’s everyday style: she can often be found on the streets of New York and Los Angeles in bicycles, oversized sweatshirts, joggers or bodysuits, which she combines with jackets and trousers made of aged denim or terracotta leather.

As Bella Hadid herself admits, unlike her sister Gigi, who has always been kind and sweet, from childhood she was distinguished by a rebellious character and did not hesitate to emphasize her appearance with clothes. As a result, it was the ability to find something of her own among all the trends that made her one of the main style icons of our time, which looks equally cool in haute couture dresses, and in simple jeans and black leather jackets.

Photo: East News

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