Everyday life of celebrities: how Lady Gaga looks in everyday life

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Lady Gaga is considered the real queen of shocking: every appearance of the singer becomes an occasion for heated discussions and discussions. “Mom of Monsters”, as her fans affectionately call her, is not afraid to try on provocative and sometimes shocking images, experiment with hair color and constantly surprise the audience. Lady Gaga strives to emphasize her bright personality in her everyday life.

What things does Lady Gaga’s wardrobe consist of and how far is it from her stage images?

Those who closely follow the singer’s work may get the impression that she does not go out of her stage image in everyday life, trying to maintain her reputation. However, in fact, in the wardrobe of Lady Gaga, whose real name is Stephanie, there are practical basic things. For example, wear a plain polo shirt with navy jeans and white sneakers to create a versatile look that doesn’t make a singer stand out from the crowd.

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In everyday life, Lady Gaga often prefers sportswear: her wardrobe includes colorful hoodies, sweatshirts, long sleeves, bombers, T-shirts with bold prints and inscriptions, khakis and chinos, as well as comfortable shoes.

As on stage, in life Stephanie loves bright colors – neon shades of green, orange, bright blue.

Lady Gaga isn’t afraid to create luscious monochrome looks or experiment with prints.

You should also pay attention to the singer’s shoes: in her looks, comfortable sneakers and sneakers alternate with leather boots on a giant platform and high-heeled shoes – Lady Gaga’s height is only 155 centimeters, so she tries to compensate for this shortcoming.

Stephanie pays special attention to the choice of accessories – sunglasses are an invariable detail of her images, but the singer also adds headbands, large earrings and other jewelry to them, which will help her not to be overlooked.

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