Everyday life of Kaia Gerber: what a popular model looks like in real life

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American model Kaia Gerber celebrates her birthday on September 3. At the age of 19, Kaia, who followed in the footsteps of her mother, supermodel Cindy Crawford, has already built a successful career. She has been the face of Versace, Calvin Klein, Marc Jacobs and Chanel, and is also one of the most sought-after models at Fashion Week. Gerber has an impeccable sense of style when choosing looks for red carpet and social events, but what outfits does Kaia prefer in her daily life?

Kaia Gerber’s basic wardrobe consists of practical and comfortable things that are organically combined with each other, which allows you to create several fashionable images at once. In everyday life, the model often prefers a casual style: straight-cut jeans combined with a monochrome jumper or turtleneck, a classic trench coat with a striped print.

Photo: East News

Using her example, Kaia demonstrates how to play up the effect of layering in clothes: throw a denim jacket over a sweatshirt or an even more unexpected option – an oversized jacket.

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Photo: East News

Photo: East News

In everyday life, Kaia often ditches shoes with heels in favor of more comfortable models – sneakers, converse or leather boots. The girl does not forget about accessories – sunglasses, a comfortable bag or a denim cap.

Photo: East News

Kaya also prefers laconic outfits for dates, for example, a navy blue dress with a rectangular neckline and a print in the form of flower petals, complemented by an orange clutch and sandals with a strap.

Photo: East News

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