Everyone does it! 5 mistakes that can kill hair

Mistake 1: You wash your hair upside down

When you wash your hair upside down, the top layer of the scales is excessively exposed. Frequent washing in this position makes hair more vulnerable and brittle.

To keep your hair healthy, it is best to wash it while standing. Lather only the roots – in any case, the hair will be washed with foam along its entire length. After washing, apply an acidic pH care product. This can be a conditioner, mask, or plain water and vinegar. These products will help close the cuticles and make your hair smoother and shinier.

Mistake 2: you apply the mask to wet hair

Before applying the mask to the hair, squeeze it out with a towel as much as possible – so that water does not drain from it. Of course, this creates some inconvenience and takes more time, but applying the mask to wet hair, you get only a third of the expected effect.

The thing is that water molecules prevent the penetration of the product deep into the hair. Its action becomes superficial. It turns out that you are wasting the product – it is simply washed off with water, without providing the desired effect.

Mistake 3: you rub conditioner into your hair roots

Hair conditioner is designed primarily for the ends and mid-lengths of the hair. It cannot be applied to the roots! When it gets on the scalp, conditioner can clog pores and disrupt sebaceous glands. Clogged pores will inevitably expand, which can lead to increased hair loss.

Mistake 4: After washing, you wind a towel around your head

Wet hair is prone to breakage and should be handled with care. When you roll them in a towel, they stretch – causing them to break down and flake off.

In addition, in a steamed scalp, the hair follicles become vulnerable. Even the smallest stress on the hair can lead to hair loss. How to do it right? Experts recommend replacing a heavy terry towel with a light cotton T-shirt or microfiber.

Mistake 5: you blow dry your hair with your head down

As with washing, blow-drying with your head upside down is highly undesirable. Such actions lead to irreversible damage to the cuticular layer of the hair.

Dry your hair with a hairdryer in a standing position. Be sure to use the guide attachment, which must be positioned at an acute angle to the hair. Start at the roots of your hair, gradually working your way down the length of your hair. This method of drying helps to close the scales and add smoothness and shine to the hair.


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