Expensive attention: how to motivate a man to give jewelry

Get our instructions on how to receive from your beloved not only precious care, but also precious jewelry.

For some, the best manifestation of love is romantic sms and compliments, for others – long hugs on cool evenings, for others – the desire to please your soul mate with a surprise. Personally, we want everything at once!

Step 1. Prepare the ground and avoid mistakes

I want these gold earrings

Contrary to popular belief, a man gives expensive gifts not when he is rich, but when he loves a woman. Therefore, if gifts for you are the equivalent of love, and you want the chosen one to present them without reminders, the first thing to do at the very beginning of the relationship is to let him know exactly what you are waiting for.

I want such a pendant – heart

Beware common behavioral mistakesthat block the path to generous gifts:

* Praise zeal, thrift and frugality at every step. Of course, for your birthday, he will present you with a set of pans, and not adorable earrings with topaz.

* Accept his gifts with a sour expression.

* Deliberately emphasize their self-sufficiency and material independence.

* Nag and educate like a little child.

* From time to time to buy flowers for themselves and pass them off as bouquets “from a secret admirer.”

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* Too violently rejoice at every trifle presented, declaring that no one has been so generous to you. And it will not be generous, believe me.

* Being shy and breaking when he directly asks what to give you.

* And the last thing – do not expect any gifts in the future, if already on the first date you show a rare concern for the safety of the contents of his wallet. In a restaurant, you ask to wrap up some vegetable cuts with you and dissuade you from ordering a taxi – there is a bus stop nearby. The good news is that he will definitely marry, you are just a treasure. The bad news is that he will not make jewelry gifts, you are not like that.

I want this ring

Important! The subtle point is that some men react negatively to the expectations of expensive gifts – as a rule, this is a sign of low self-esteem and the famous question “does she need me or my money?” If you know that it will be difficult for you to get along with a person who is not ready to make surprises and pamper – and this is so nice! – then think twice about whether it is worth tying in a relationship with an expiration date.

Step 2. “Order” your first gift

I want this heart pendant

On the eve of the holiday date, tell your loved one directly what you would like to receive as a present. If he, like many men, wants to be unexpected, make it clear that you love surprises much less than threaded earrings made of gold with cubic zirkonia or studs.

I want these gold earrings

He will definitely ask you to clarify what these incomprehensible words mean – and then you can safely show him the desired decoration on the site, send a page by e-mail or take him to the store. In a word, try to give as much specifics as possible – then you will definitely get what you want.

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Important! Remember that the very first piece of jewelry should be available to him, and you should have been dating for a long time. You run the risk of being misunderstood if you hint at buying a diamond necklace to a barely familiar man.

Step 3. Show the joy of the presentation

I want these earrings

The first piece of jewelry presented should be touching and cute, it can be a pendant with the first letter of your name, a symbol of your horoscope, a horseshoe, a heart or a clover for luck. Something personal that you’ve been planning to buy yourself for a long time.

I want such a ring made of gold with diamonds

Don’t forget to say thanks and wear the jewelry without removing it. Be sure to share on social media how amazing your man is. Tell your mom on the phone about this gift so that your loved one “accidentally” hears this conversation. In a word, do everything so that he understands – “here he pleases so.” Such positive reinforcement will confirm him in the idea that jewelry is what the doctor ordered, and he will no longer rack his brains on the eve of the holidays, wondering what to please you just as much.

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Important! Do not overdo it, feel the measure. The delight of the first days should not last for months, otherwise the man will decide that he can give you some earrings – and calm down for ten years, while the euphoria from the presentation lasts.

Step 4. Leave room for maneuver

How to teach a man to give gifts to jewelryI want these gold earrings with garnets

You sowed the seeds, and your man probably understood which gifts please you the most. Surely on the eve of the next date, he himself will ask you what you would like to receive.

Be sure to name the thing that you really dreamed of, but make a reservation that you will be glad and something to his taste. Let’s hope that he is not so confident in his taste as to take risks, and will buy the first one that you named – well, or something pretty close.

How to teach a man to give gifts to jewelry

Important! If you wanted earrings with pomegranates on an English lock, and he presented studs with hearts made of topaz, do not try to make a sour face (see point one). Firstly, he tried, and even looked in the right direction, secondly, in your wardrobe there will probably be things suitable for new studs, and thirdly, earrings with pomegranates will wait for the next holiday – but an offended man is unlikely.

Step 5. Speak his language

How to teach a man to give gifts to jewelryI want this gold ring

You used all possible feminine wisdom, and he never appeared on the doorstep with a velvet box? No one has canceled the theory of different “love languages” – it seems that for your man, presents are not its expression, but he is ready to shower you with compliments and carry you through a puddle.

How to teach a man to give gifts to jewelry

Take him to a frank conversation and find out what manifestations of love are especially pleasant to him – does he like to be listened to, hugs and caresses are important to him, or maybe the best indicator of romantic feelings for him is a shirt ironed in the morning? And tell me what gestures from your beloved you are especially pleasant – how you smile at work from a cute SMS and how you want to wear his gifts on you, remembering about him all day. In the end, loving people can always agree on how to please each other!

Important! If you want to be accepted the way you are – with all your desires and requests – do not forget to go towards your man and show your love in pleasant ways.

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