Expert opinion: postnatal yoga to regain your balance after baby

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When giving birth, it is important to resume physical activity in order to re-muscle your body after pregnancy. Yoga is an excellent sport to practice after birth, in order to regain your tone but also time for yourself.

Yoga is more and more popular with women, especially after the period of confinement that we went through (you have certainly seen these videos, tutorials and other Instagram lives). Recommended for expecting mothers, this activity is ideal for staying flexible and toned during pregnancy. But once the baby arrives, many moms leave school behind, tired of this intense new life where time and sleep are scarce.

However, taking postnatal yoga classes allows you to regain energy, to re-appropriate your body but also to re-muscle the abdominal strap, which was seriously stretched during pregnancy. Julie De Wolf, teacher at Ohana-Yoga, explains why yoga is interesting to resume a gentle activity after the birth of a baby, but also when and how to practice yoga after childbirth.

The benefits of postnatal yoga

Giving birth is an adventure in itself. The arrival of a baby requires finding a balance in this new mother’s life, while trying to find oneself as a woman. Resuming physical activity such as yoga is a great way to reconnect with your body ”. This is how Julie talks to us about the benefits of postnatal yoga.. But beyond the fact that this practice can make it possible to reconnect with oneself, Julie De Wolf explains to us how much the respiratory and postural exercises are adapted to this delicate period of the postpartum “They allow to find a tonicity in the abdominals and pelvic floor. It is therefore excellent to avoid inconveniences such as urinary leakage, and to find a fulfilling sexuality in the months following pregnancy ”.

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Postpartum yoga without stress

According to our expert, postnatal yoga can already be practiced a few days after birth if the young mother wishes, in parallel with the rehabilitation of the perineum with a specialist. “The exercises are performed to calm music, to the rhythm of the breath, and end with guided relaxation. So yes, you can learn yoga very quickly after the baby is born. But be careful, it is important to start with very gentle exercises: stretching for example, as well as postures of flexibility to start. Then we can start strengthening and toning exercises. The idea is to work slowly but in depth, in order to relieve the tensions associated with childbirth. Little by little, the exercises can be intensified according to the mother’s needs ”.

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Practice yoga at home or in a group?

If you can practice yoga very easily at home, it is also interesting to participate in group lessons to make sure you do the postures correctly and therefore be guaranteed not to hurt yourself. “When you are a very young mother, you clearly lack time. But postnatal yoga classes can be done with baby. And having a teacher on hand is the guarantee that the postures are beneficial. It is especially important to be gentle with your body when you have just given birth. In addition, meeting other mothers, discussing their experiences, regaining energy and enjoying a well-deserved Zen break in this new daily life does a lot of good. And after the group session, nothing prevents the mother-to-be from practicing the exercises at home, quite the contrary! ”.

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