Extensions, they do the maximum!

I want volume

Crédits : Great Lengths

For who?
For those who have fine hair and have everything straight, extensions are the miracle solution. In three hours at the hairdresser, we gain a maximum of volume, and it gives a crazy look to our hair.

How’s it going?
It takes 150 wicks to obtain an optimal result, but from 100 wicks, we already obtain a good thickness. The price of a wick varies from 5 to 10 euros and (in general) the package includes the installation, maintenance and removal of extensions.
How long does it last ? You can keep them for 4 months on average… but only if they are well maintained!

To know: From 3 months, the keratin points tend to be seen, since they descend with regrowth. It’s time to cheat with a ponytail: the bindings then melt into the crowd. As a general rule, as soon as you feel the attachment points too much, especially if your real hair is weakened and damaged, run to your hairdresser.


How can I benefit from my new volume? By focusing on the headband, star of the season.

I want length

Crédits : Great Lengths

For who?
Those who have short hair but don’t want to wait months for it to grow back. The only condition: you must have at least ten centimeters of hair on your head for the pose to be possible.

What about maintenance?
New lengths, we dream of it. But rigorous maintenance is required. For top-notch extensions, brush them thoroughly morning and night and tie them up before going to bed. During the day, we do not hesitate to run our hands through our hair, to prevent some from getting tangled with the attachment points. For shampoo, it’s always the head tilted back and once a week for normal hair, up to 3 for oily hair.

The cool hairstyles
Degraded or tapered cuts, with extensions, it is allowed and included in the price. After the pose, the hairdresser will make you a tailor-made cut, according to your expectations: long bob, layered down to Jennifer Aniston or beautiful mane to Monica Bellucci … the choice is yours.

Then you have the dream hairstyles.

I want colored locks

Crédits : Great Lengths

For who?
Those who want to have highlights without going through the coloring box or who want to accentuate their color.

How much does it cost?
This method costs less than traditional extensions, since it only takes about fifty strands, placed at the temples, to obtain a very trendy balayage effect! This method is also suitable for those who are not sure of supporting many fixing points in the long term.

What about maintenance?
Extensions are natural hair. As a result, you have to treat them like your real hair, using special coloring treatments.

I want a touch of fantasy

Crédits : Any d’Avray

How does it arise?
Very easy to install since it suffices to clip them and voila! No need to go to the hairdresser or to have a certain length, you do it as you wish. All styles are possible: add a single wick to brighten up your hair or ten to get a creative look.

Different colors?
There are some for all tastes and all hair types: smooth, crimped, curly: Several colors are available, from plain to layered. Add to that beads, feathers and other accessories for all tastes.

Mèche flash, Any d’Avray, 12 euros.

Info at 0805 810 820



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