Eye makeup: 5 mistakes not to make

Eye makeup is a precious ally to enhance our look and camouflage our small imperfections such as spots, wrinkles, or even dark circles: a major asset for feeling beautiful and confident. However, some common mistakes can spoil the end result of our beauty treatment. Here are 5.

Eye makeup mistake: choosing an unsuitable concealer

The concealer is an essential that can really beautify us, or conversely, spoil all our makeup. The most common mistake regarding this “must have” is the following: choose a shade that is too light or too dark. Wanting too much to hide their signs of fatigue and wake up their eyes, some women tend to think that it is better to opt for a shade much lighter than their natural skin tone. Mistake ! Be careful not to confuse the concealer with the highlighter (which is used to bring a touch of light, and not to camouflage dark circles). So be sure to choose a shade of concealer suited to your skin tone base and your type of dark circles, in order to avoid the unwanted grayish effect. Same advice for those who tend to opt for a too dark concealer: we forget this annoying habit and we opt more for a concealer in beige / pink tones for a bluish ring, or a beige / orange concealer for a rather brown ring.

Eye makeup mistake: overly strong eye shadow

Nothing better than a nice gradient of colors on your eyelids to bring a touch of vitamins to your makeup, right? But on condition of doing it well and above all, of blending the colors well between them! We therefore avoid at all costs the “marked” effect that is not harmonious and aging. by blending the eyeshadows well together (with a blending brush), especially if you like the color gradients.

Eye makeup mistake: the wrong choice of colors

We mentioned it previously: it is important to blend the eyeshadows well between them, but it is all the more important to be judicious when choose the colors you apply. For that, it is important to take into account the color of his eyes. The chromatic circle will now be your precious ally to choose the color that will enhance your eyes: all you have to do is choose the opposite color to that of your eyes. Example: if you have blue eyes, your opposite colors are orange and yellow. It is therefore in your best interest to bet on eyeshadows in orange, golden, copper or brown tones. If your eyes are green, choose warm colors such as burgundy, copper, brown, taupe, or brown colors. Finally, if you have brown, black or gray eyes: stroke of luck, you have a wide range of choices, since all colors will suit you.

Eye makeup mistake: curling your eyelashes at the wrong time

Curling your eyelashes is good, but at the right time, it’s even better! We therefore avoid at all costs curling them after applying mascara, at the risk of seriously weakening them, or even tearing them. It is much more advisable to curl after your eye makeup is (almost) done : that is to say after applying your favorite eyeshadows, kohl, eye liner … Then, we apply a few coats of our favorite mascara: and voila! Doe gaze assured.

Eye makeup mistake: ignoring the shape of your eyes

Taking into account the shape of your eyes when applying eye makeup is a essential detail. And you have them almond eyes, do not hesitate to give them depth by applying, for example, a brown eyeshadow in the crease of your eyelid. You can also make an eyeliner line flush with the lashes to stretch your gaze. Yes you have them round eyes or “drop offs”, same advice: a nice line of eyeliner will complete the beauty of your eyes. Finally Yes you have “sunken” eyes, bet on color schemes (from light eyeshadow in the inner corner to darker eye shadow in the outer corner) to bring dimension to your eyes. The eyeliner will also be your best ally to widen and enhance your eyes.


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