Eye makeup: how to make perfect arrows?

1. Tool selection

Liquid eyeliner by its structure may not suit everyone. And this is the first time when the price does not represent quality, especially if a young beauty is just beginning to try herself as a makeup artist. A pencil in this respect is more convenient and practical.

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2. Wishful thinking

Seeing the perfect makeup on a model’s face on the Internet and watching a couple of video tutorials, the girl immediately runs to the mirror in anticipation of a positive result. But the result is not always satisfactory. And all because when applying makeup, you need to take into account not only your own skills and desires, but also the availability of the necessary means (presented cosmetics, not alternative ones), the location and shape of the eyes, taste in the combination of colors and accents.

3. Skin deformation

Yes, for many, drawing beautiful and even arrows is a long and tedious process, but this does not mean that you need to spend time looking for easy ways. One of these popular “reliefs” is stretching the eyelid skin for quick, fine lines. However, after the skin returns to normal, the result is unlikely to please you.

Eye makeup: how to make perfect arrows?
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4. Accuracy

Even if you have been adhering to your own invented makeup technique for many years, which constantly gives only satisfactory results, in order to prevent the presence of accidental unnecessary lines and lines, apply your makeup every time as the first time – carefully, slowly, diligently.

5. Responsible approach

Even if you are in a hurry or just at the moment you are experiencing failures with makeup, it is better to just wash everything off than to look “anyhow”. Remember that first of all it is your appearance, which needs to be given time, attention and proper care.

6. Know when to stop in everything

Of course, the large expressive arrow on the eyelid looks impressive. But it is worth remembering that most of these “eye adornments” are capable of shrinking or curving the eye, which is undesirable for a fresh look. It is also worth remembering about the accuracy, the role of which is described above.

Eye makeup: how to make perfect arrows?
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7. Color

A bright image not only refreshes the face, but also helps the girl to be in the spotlight. However, when creating such a makeup, you need to remember about the strict rules for combining colors. For example, few people now want to walk with red lips and blue eyes. Usually, if a girl seeks to highlight her eyes, then the rest of the face remains pastel. Style also plays a serious role here: it is not recommended to combine a red blouse with blue eyes (arrows).

The above rules can be taken into account not only when drawing arrows. In general, eye makeup is a very responsible and painstaking process that requires increased attention.



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