Eye makeup techniques

Eye makeup techniques

Eye makeup has long been a real art. With the help of decorative paints, you can remove traces of fatigue, make large eyes out of small ones, wide ones out of narrow ones, change close-set ones to far-away ones, and much more. You can transform beyond recognition without resorting to plastic surgery. There are many eye makeup techniques that you can use, but the most important ones are worth highlighting. Such makeup is easy to do at home, without the help of makeup artists.

Day and evening

It doesn’t really matter which scheme you use when it comes to time of day. It is considered bad manners to wear too bright makeup in the morning and afternoon. A similar situation happens if you go to a social event with natural daytime makeup. You will simply get lost in the background.

In daytime makeup, it is important to only slightly emphasize the natural beauty of the eyes and make the complexion even, masking imperfections. Beige, pink, golden shades or pale blue tones may well be present on the eyes. As for lipsticks, it is permissible to wear gloss, not too bright berry colors and matte nude lipsticks.

In the evening hours, you can afford much more. Arrows, smoky eyes, dark lipstick colors, a lot of shine and shimmer. The main thing is to know when to stop, but in general you can only be limited by your sense of style and the format of the event or evening.

It is important to differentiate between seasons of makeup. For our country, this is especially important, because their change is visible more than clearly. It’s simple – leave bright and berry shades for the summer. Save the cozy reds and chocolates for fall. Winter will get more restrained makeup – at this time of the year it is generally better to think about grooming, not beauty. Well, for the joy of spring, use all the most delicate colors in your palettes.

Techniques and types of make-up

As trite as it sounds, but the first thing to consider is the classic way. There is nothing complicated about it – most likely, you already own it, you just did not know that it has a name. It is based on only three colors. If you like to buy shadows not by piece, but with palettes, most likely, just such a basic set will already be formed for you: light tone, medium and darkest.

The sequence of applying colors should be as follows: the lightest shade is applied as a base to the entire upper eyelid. You can blend it right up to your eyebrow. Further, the center is decorated with a medium tone. With it, you set off the eye and add extra volume. The darkest look is applied last and only affects the outer corner of the eye.

This gives you a soft color transition from the center to the periphery.

  • The next technique is vertical… It is suitable for ladies who are worried about too narrow eyes. With the right shading vector, you can visually open up your eyes.

The technique is contraindicated for owners of round or protruding eyes.

Determining the order of application, you should number the zones into which the eye is divided:

  1. First part – this is a site in the very corner, closer to the nose.
  2. Second part – a segment, the length of which is equal to the beginning of the eyebrow and the near edge of the iris when you look straight ahead.
  3. Third section – the entire gap that fits into the size of your iris from edge to edge.
  4. The fourth begins from the second edge of the iris and ends in the corner of the eye.
  5. The fifth begins from the extreme corner of the eye and ends with the eyebrow.

Memorize these five parts and color them in the correct order.

The palest shade will need to be applied to area number 1. It is not at all necessary to do this with the help of shadows, you can use a white pencil, highlighter or concealer. Next, apply light colors to the second zone. The third section will be transitional – its shade should be darker than the second, but lighter than the fourth. The fifth zone is the richest and brightest color.


Another eye makeup technique is diagonal. From the name it becomes clear that the diagonal is the basis. It should be remembered the division of the eye into zones that were used for the vertical technique. In this case, all colors will be applied with a bias to the right – on the right eye, to the left – on the left.

Leave the first zone under the highlighter again. On the second, apply a lighter shade of shadows, on the third – a transitional one, on the fourth – the darkest, and paint the fifth again with a medium transitional color.

This technique is used when you need to visually raise the outer corners of the eyes. The main thing is to shade the transitions well so that you do not see clear boundaries, only then you will achieve the desired effect.

These are not all eye makeup techniques, although geometric names are already running out.

Next technique – as if it takes your eyes in a ring, it is called “Banana”. Makeup can be done with a pencil or eye shadow. If this is your first time trying to do this, it’s better to pick up a pencil for a sharper line.

Start by applying the base to the entire area around the eye, including the movable eyelid. Above the “construction” will need to powder with matte shadows, similar in color to your natural skin tone (or slightly lighter). You can also use regular powder.

Next, you should draw the lower eyelid with a pencil. Start drawing from the middle of the eye. The closer you get to the end, the stronger the shading should be. After that, where you have a deep crease between the movable part of the eyelid and the space above the eyebrow, make a stroke with the same pencil in the shape of the eye. Smoothly connect the two pencil lines and gently blend them towards the temples.

Next, draw a small loop arrow and add colors along the outer edge of the outline. You choose the shade to your taste.

Such a beautiful shadow game looks very unusual and interesting.

The last technique you’ll learn about in the article, the owner of the playful name “Bird”. She is excellent when it comes to slightly rounded and close-set eyes. “Birdie” acts by visually increasing the distance between them.

Apply the lightest color to area number one, and also paint over the entire part of the movable eyelid with it. In the middle, add a slightly noticeable stroke with a color a couple of shades darker. After that, draw a check mark exactly in the shape of your beautiful eye using dark shadows, and then gently and carefully blend, moving from the eye to the temples. You should have a Roman numeral V. But this is not the end. In the space above the eyebrow and the top edge of the checkmark, apply a dark (but not as much as possible) shade of shadow to achieve a beautiful transition.


There are many more types of makeup that you can also read about – for example, smoky eyes, cat’s eye, baking, greek makeup and so on. Changing the shape of the eyebrow can be a plus. Many girls want to visually raise their eyelids, open their eyes, or make their eyes wider by tweaking their eyebrows. You can tame vegetation with tweezers or a special razor. Look for everything you need on the websites of the shops, in the sections of the beauty products. Fora, AliExpress and many other sites will be happy to offer you different options.

Now that the application technique is step by step and visually painted for you in completely different variations, you can create the perfect makeup without any problems. Come up with new views every day. Experiment with colors, shapes, lines and shadows. You will be amazed at how versatile and different you can be with these little makeup tricks.

And most importantly – shade all layers well, otherwise the make up will look like a child’s drawing of a rainbow, and not a work of art.

Vertical makeup technique – in the next video.


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