Fabienne Carat sublime: she dares the curls on her long square

Followed by more than 253,000 Internet users on Instagram, the 40-year-old actress regularly feeds her feed. Last month, Fabienne Carat shared photos of her younger and unrecognizable. She also unveiled a second moment of her youth with her fans long hair and defined curls, or even a perfect make-up and sublime curly hair, beautifully dressed in a bodycon and low-cut jumpsuit highlighting her figure. More recently, the actress shared a shot in which she appears more trendy than ever, in the middle of a photo shoot. A photo that made his many fans react: “Superb”, “Too beautiful”, “Too classy”, “Too anxious to see the photos”, can we read among the hundreds of comments.

Fabienne Carat adopts curls: an ideal hairstyle to gain volume

In the photo in question, the Pau native reveals discreet makeup and a sublime, rejuvenating and nicely curly bob. An ideal hairstyle for women with thin hair, in order to gain in volume. For those who have natural curls and who wish to obtain even more volume, it is advisable to dry their hair with a hair dryer, passing the heat through the fingers so that they play the role of a diffuser heat. Wrap a few strands around one finger to better define the curls. Finally, finish the cut on dry hair. If, on the contrary, you have a smooth base, your curling or straightening iron will be your best allies. Is it possible to use a hair straightener to make curls? Know that yes! All you have to do is wrap your hair, strand by strand, around your straightener, making the iron descend horizontally along the strand. Ready to give it a try?

See Fabienne Carat canon with her long curly bob

Fabienne Carat transformed, she totally changes her hairstyle (Wow)

Fabienne Carat sexy in a high-cut and transparent bikini (Wow!)

Curly hair: how to properly use a diffuser


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