Fabienne Carat without makeup, she appears 100% natural in a swimming pool

Fabienne Carat without makeup: she is beautiful naturally

While Fabienne Carat just posted a photo wearing the trendiest t-shirt of the moment, the beautiful appears 100% natural on Instagram. The talented actress revealed by her role of Samia in the soap opera More beautiful life (France 3) likes to share moments of his life with his many fans on the networks. So, she has already posted pictures where she totally change your hair style. For example, it adopted the platinum blonde for a shoot, the short red square which suits him very well or the boyish cut. His current cut? A long square to the shoulders that she wears most of the time naturally curly, as in the photo she took to cover the TV 7 days. If she dares any hair side, Fabienne Carat also tries gun outfits and becomes a real fashonista. She adopts a hot bodycon jumpsuit, she offers her fans a real parade of outfits all more trendy than the next… She even posted a picture in high cut bikini which lets see its perfect shapes!

The bubbly brunette had already posed in a swimming pool on a photo of her during an old shoot, she was sublime. But here in the jacuzzi, she is not wearing not an ounce of makeup. We see her naturally relaxing and enjoying her vacation: she is hot. In addition, she sends a touching message to her fans: “Vital to breathe sometimes but I think of you”. A sentence that goes straight to the heart of its community: “You are right, take advantage, this is your privileged moment”, “Breathe well to get back in shape”, “You are sublime”, “we too are thinking of you, enjoy well”… They are won over by their favorite star. And you ?

Fabienne Carat sublime: she dares the curls on her long square


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