Face concealer: a guide to choosing and using it from a cosmetologist

Concealer for the face is a cosmetic tonal tool that helps to perform an impeccable make-up – hide various skin flaws: acne, small pigmented spots, uneven tone. It is subject to pronounced aesthetic flaws, which can not hide the concealer, which has a lighter texture and a shade that is close to the natural color of the skin.


In addition to a thick concealer with pastel shades, which evens the tone of the face, it is necessary to choose the right color concealers to neutralize various skin imperfections, and if necessary, apply them.

The difference between a concealer and a concealer

The difference between the two cosmetic concealers is the density of the texture and the stage of application.

  • Concealer is a cosmetic product with a dense consistency. It is applied before covering the face with a tonal base. Use concealer for the face should be spot-on, it hides small, pronounced defects with a thick content.
  • Using a concealer with a thin and delicate texture, you can cover a large area with a light veil, hide the irregularities of the face, as in the photo of many celebrities. Concealers for face makeup mask significant areas with irritation, pimples, or freckles. These products easily merge with the base makeup, help to refresh the face and give it a natural glow, make it look younger.

In contrast to a concealer that masks visible skin imperfections, a concealer can highlight the areas of the chin and brow arches, and remove dark spots under the eyes. At the same time, applying concealer to the face smooths out irregularities and hides noticeable wrinkles.

Applying concealer on the face occurs before applying the Foundation, and concealer – on top of it. So that the concealer veil falls flat, does not get stuck in the folds of the skin and does not emphasize wrinkles, you can use the tool by mixing it with the primer – so it lies flatter. Instead of a primer, a serum can also work.

The corrector can be produced by manufacturers:

  • in beige, Nude tones to correct skin imperfections;
  • as narrowly focused toning agents that mask specific aesthetic defects.

Colored products – green, purple, pink or yellow-neutralize spots on the skin. Red pimples are masked with a green concealer, a dull skin tone-purple, dark bluish circles under the eyes compensate for warm tones-yellow or pink.


How do I choose the right concealer for my face? The appropriate option of a tonal decorative agent is chosen in accordance with the aesthetic task that needs to be solved.

Face correction can be performed using a variety of concealer types: liquid concealer, pencil, stick, Foundation, dense sculptor or powder.

Liquid concealer for the face

Liquid concealer for the face


Liquid concealer for the face is available on a water basis. It resembles a light cream and it is often even called a concealer by manufacturers. Liquid concealer can be found Packed in tubes, jars of glass with a sponge applicator or mini-brush.

How to use a liquid concealer for the face? We put dots or create lines, wide strokes, but do not fix them with powder, as this will lead to spots.

Liquid concealer for the face allows you to:

  • Conceal dark circles under your eyes. If you apply one layer of concealer and it does not solve the problem, then you can repeat another layer of liquid concealer on the face, after the applied coating dries.
  • Successfully mask puffiness around the eyes. For this purpose, a reflective concealer is used.
  • You can remove noticeable imperfections of the skin with the help of color concealers.

Using a fluid-liquid concealer-is great for thin sensitive skin of the face, as it does not require additional effort for shading. But such a concealer is called ineffective by makeup artists when masking significant skin flaws.

Stick-concealer for the face

Stick-concealer for the face


In a home set of face concealers, it is good to have a stick with its dense, creamy consistency, which is easy to apply, since it does not roll off. But such a cream concealer is more difficult to spread on the face, so it is used under the tonal base with neat dots. It perfectly fits on dry areas of the face. It masks problems on the forehead, nose, cheeks and chin well.

It can be produced solid or with a dry texture that has matting properties. In the composition of the stick often contain antibacterial ingredients.

Stick-pencil differs in its versatility. It is often used as the basis of the difference between lip gloss and eye liner, in the form of a primer base before applying lipstick and shadow.

If a white concealer is applied under the lower eyelid, the look will become more open and mesmerizing.

Sticks are applied to facial wrinkles, small scars, pimples or redness and mask them well.

A pencil-corrector for face

A pencil-corrector for face


The concealer pencil for the face has the driest texture and the highest density, which provides durability and the ability to use it for girls with oily and combination skin. With normal and dry dermis, use a pencil-corrector for the face should be carefully.

With a white pencil, you can also increase the volume of your lips by tracing them along the contour or “open” your eyes by applying a high-quality, hypoallergenic concealer to the lower eyelid along the border of the growth of cilia.

The dense structure of the pencil allows you to create a permanent makeup and, if necessary, correct it even in the heat and humidity. Adding salicylic acid to its composition will dry the dermis and prevent the appearance of acne. Correcting the face with concealer pencils is easy during a trip or trip, after the beach or at work.

Cream concealer for the face

Cream concealer for the face


Cream corrector for the face is available in jars, tubes or pallets. Apply this concealer on the face with a sponge, brush or finger pads. It can be useful for the face as a concealer when you need to solve several aesthetic problems at once – to mask pimples and a network of blood vessels, to hide local flaws, extensive redness, circles under the eyes or hyperpigmentation.

Cream concealer with a thick texture perfectly masks darkened spots, scars and other skin defects. It has good resistance, but it can clog pores on problem skin. For makeup of dry skin, a nourishing cream-corrector for the face with a thick consistency is ideal.

Tonal concealer for the face

Sculptor corrector helps to model the shape of the face and its proportions by creating a game of shadows. It is applied to areas that need to be hidden – on the sides of the forehead, under the cheekbones, on the side wings of the nose in accordance with the types of face, in rare cases, the corrector is applied along the chin line and under the lower lip. Side shadows created by sculptors visually narrow the face and improve its proportions.

The sculptor in no case can have an orange tint, otherwise instead of the ideal shape of the face, you can get red spots on it.

Dry concealer for the face

Dry concealer for the face


Compact dry concealers for the face resemble colored powder, you can use them for local tone correction. They are convenient to apply with wide brushes or a powder puff. On top of the color layer, you always need to apply a thin skin layer to fix your makeup and not look like a caricature.

The basis of color dry correctors is a mineral powder. It is able to hide significant skin defects – post-acne marks, pigmentation, redness and inflammation. You can use it to contour your face. Powder is more effective than other means mattifies oily skin of the face.

How to apply it correctly

applying concealer to the face


How to use a concealer or concealer for the face:

  1. Prepare your skin for makeup. For half an hour to wash with a foam or gel, treat the skin with a tonic and a light moisturizer. The remaining moisture should be blotted with a napkin.
  2. If there are small pimples without inflammation, traces of acne, redness or spots, then small dots of concealer can hide them by blurring them from above. Correction of the face using correctors is performed with a sponge, brush or hands. Finger pads are best suited for this purpose, since the sponge takes too much of the product, the brush is not comfortable on all areas, and the fingers allow you to control the amount of concealer and gently drive it into the skin without leaving traces.
  3. Soft movements of the fingers need to “drive” and spread the concealer, without stretching the epidermis.
  4. Finally, cover your face with a Foundation.

If you apply a step-by-step concealer for the face, then after the classic preparation for makeup – cleansing, toning and moisturizing – you need to cover the skin with a Foundation-cream, and then mask with a concealer visible redness or other skin defects.

From bruises and dark circles under the eyes

How to use concealer for the face, if in the morning there is a sign of lack of sleep on the face-circles under the eyes? To hide blue and brown spots, choose a tool with a neutralizing shade, preferably of a liquid consistency. A pencil and a thick concealer will weigh down the thin skin of the eyelids. In the presence of edema, puffiness under the eyes, it is better to exclude the pencil.

Algorithm for applying a concealer:

  1. Using dots or small strokes, we mark the concealer area of the mask.
  2. Carefully blend the product in such a way that under the lower eyelid a figure is formed in the form of an inverted triangle with a sharp end down, but with blurred borders, which need to be carefully spread, without stretching the delicate epidermis.

scheme of applying concealer to the face

Scheme of applying concealer to the face

From folds

Liquid tonal concealer for the face-fluid-is suitable for masking wrinkles better than others. When considering different types of concealers for the face, it is better to choose 1-2 tones lighter than the natural skin color.

After cleansing, toning and moisturizing the skin, let the products absorb and remove excess by blotting the skin with a napkin.

Apply a properly selected concealer for the face-a couple of tones lighter than the skin – under the eyes, remembering the rule of the inverted triangle and in the area of “crow’s feet”.

With the same tool, treat the back of the nose, the Central part above the upper lip – “tick”, the bottom in the corners of the mouth and the dimple on the chin. You can spread the concealer with a wet sponge, not allowing it to be absorbed.

Concealer for the face will help smooth out the remaining wrinkles, if after the tonal base, the areas where the shadow falls, lighten with a veil.

From acne

If the shade of the pimple is quite light, then a body concealer is suitable for disguising it. To hide the inflamed papule completely or make it less noticeable:

  1. Apply a color concealer with a cool green tinge to the pimple itself and the reddened area around it.
  2. Press the green pigment down with your finger for a few seconds, then blend it to an inconspicuous border. Before applying the base, it is better to wait a minute so that the color settles on the skin and the tone turns out to be more natural.
  3. Cover your face in a normal tone.

Mistakes in makeup

Common mistakes when correcting the face with a variety of correctors can be:

  • The wrong course of action. If you manage to apply a corrective layer of beige or body concealer to the base tonal layer, then makeup artists call this scheme putting on lace underwear over a fur coat. Correct the face with correctors and color concealers under the Foundation, if the skin has any aesthetic defects. Correction is applied point, a concealer, neutralizing those tones, correct imperfections.
  • The use of only one cover-up. Beginners in face makeup often hide bruises under the eyes and acne by applying three to four layers of Foundation. The result is a doll’s mask and an unnatural face. It is enough to purchase a Foundation and choose a suitable concealer for the face, not to even out the tone, but to contour with concealers. In rare cases, noticeable acne can be hidden with a thicker concealer.
  • Multilayered content . Even a perfectly chosen concealer for the face can not be applied 10 layers on the skin defect. If it is bright, then it is hidden with a concealer until the base is applied. The pimple itself is taken in a ring and masked the skin around it, delicately shading and not touching the top of the papule-a pimple without purulent contents. By covering it round and round, you can gradually hide the annoying imperfection.
  • Lack of a moisturizing layer around the eyes . If you do not saturate the thin dermis in this area with a moisturizer, then even after a good concealer or concealer for the face, which masks bruises under the eyes, noticeable wrinkles will remain. These products will be absorbed into the folds and creases of the skin and will visually highlight them.

Color palette

Color correctors for the face


Color correctors for the face are a godsend that helps solve several aesthetic problems simultaneously: mask dark circles under the eyes, remove redness and pigmentation, and make other small skin defects invisible. Using different shades is not difficult, if you know which one of them is able to neutralize the problem in a couple of swipes.

Purple concealer

Not every beginner knows why you need a purple face concealer. He’s great:

  • Paints over yellowed spots, old bruises, freckles.
  • Evens the skin tone after a failed tan / auto-tan.
  • Perfect for an evening make-up, with its help you can get a porcelain skin – the dream of a makeup artist.
  • Gives a natural glow.

Yellow corrector

With the help of yellow concealers, you can mask many imperfections on the face:

  • Neutralize blue and purple shades, remove dilated blood vessels, traces of post-acne, dark circles under the eyes from lack of sleep and fatigue, acne scars and other scars.
  • Refresh the gray, earthy hue of the face – in the color spectrum, yellow copes with these tasks better than other concealers
  • To adjust an allergic rash.

Pink concealer

Correction of the face using a pink concealer helps:

  • remove pigmentation and dark circles under the eyes of various shades;
  • refresh your eyes.

Professionals advise that if under the eyes dark circles have a greenish hue, then you can remove them with a pink concealer at once. Dark girls should prefer peach tones, fair-skinned beauties will suit the option of delicate salmon shades.

White correction fluid

Beginners rarely use it, but face modeling can be done by mixing white with other concealers, lightening their too rich shades.

It can also be used to highlight darkened areas, highlighting the bulge of the upper part of the cheekbones, the back of the nose, and parts of the chin. Then the shaded sides of the face further narrow the cheeks and make the image noble.

White concealer helps you achieve shadow play along with other color tools. It is applied on the mobile eyelid closer to the bridge of the nose, so that the shadow at the outer corners of the eyes makes them more expressive.

Green corrector

This concealer is the most used of all shades, in the color circle it is the opposite of red and pink shades, so:

  • eliminates visible bite marks, inflammation, freckles and pimples – to neutralize redness, the green color is the most reliable;
  • in combination with a tonal base, it perfectly hides the negative effects of excessive tanning.

Orange corrector

It can only be chosen by girls with dark skin. This color type of face has a warm hue, so the orange concealer will help mask bruises and brown spots, other pigmentation, remove sharp outlines of nasolabial folds or visually lift the corners of the lips. Pale-faced “snow maiden” orange concealer is better ignored, it does not fit the color type of the skin and will look like a sloppy spot.

Blue corrector

Paint brown or reddish spots, moles or freckles with these correctors of blue shades – the face will become fresher. If there are no dark circles around the eyes, then you can even out the reddish tint on the eyelids with a light veil of blue.

Review of popular proofreaders

The TOP 4 high-quality concealers for the face include:

  • Professional concealer for the face-NYX color palette with 16 shades with a cost of 1,570 rubles. The product has a creamy texture, rather dense. It masks defects well, easily shading out, allowing you to even out the color on large areas, but it is not suitable for use in the summer, the make-up will spread. If you choose a palette of 8 dry concealers NYX Professional Makeup Highlight & Contour Pro Palette, it will cost from 1,634 rubles. In addition, you will need to purchase a concealer for the area around the eyes, since dry concealer will clog up wrinkles.
  • For face contouring-the MAC color palette with 6 shades Allows you to create a high-class makeup at a professional level. Light texture that does not create a film and does not weigh down the skin. Perfectly fits on dry and normal dermis. The only drawback of the product is its high price-from 3,300 to 3,700 rubles.
  • The new York Affinitone concealer stick from Maybelline perfectly masks facial fatigue, creates a matting effect, and is convenient for use with oily skin. The cost of concealer is from 470-550 rubles. If you take into account that several sticks are required for color correction with concealers, then the total cost may be high.
  • A palette of concealers and concealers Infaillible Total Cover, L’oreal Paris of 5 shades from 1 000-1 260 rubles. Lavender-purple removes the overall dullness and brownish-red veins, green eliminates pronounced capillaries and other redness, 3 shades of Nude hide various pigmentation, plus perform nose contouring and highlight nasolabial folds. Minus – only the price.

TOP 4 high-quality concealers for the face


From the category of the best concealers for the face with an average degree of concealment choose:

  • Sport Addicted Sweat Resistant Cream Concealer, Pupa from 770 rubles with a light consistency, but removes bruises under the eyes. Minus – the price.
  • Mastertouch All Day Concealer, Max Factor from 400 rubles is an inexpensive concealer that removes redness and bruises well, but does not always eliminate circles under the eyes.
  • Perfect Teint Concealer, Artdeco from 671 rubles – masks well, does not fade to the end, but at the same time it is invisible on the face. Minus-requires multiple layers for masking.
  • Oncealer, Misslyn from 609 rubles-not dry, fits well, can be covered with a second layer. But you need to be careful with its amount, otherwise it can roll into folds.

the best concealers for the face with a medium degree of concealment


Budget concealers for the face can differ in good quality and become a godsend. For example, the concealer Miracle Touch, Art-Visage with a Golden-beige shade from 149 rubles. Does not give off yellowness, well masks small imperfections of the skin, suitable for a light degree of concealment. Minus – sellers rarely have it in stock.

The best concealer for the face can be selected from the budget funds with the maximum degree of concealment:

  • Concealer True Match La Touche Magique, L’oreal Paris from 665 rubles. It hides the blueness well, does not dry the skin. Minus – insufficiently pigmented, requires additional layers.
  • Cover&Hiding Liquid Concealer, Holika Holika from 475 rubles. It is applied easily, does not harden as a mask, can be leveled with fingers, but can eventually get into wrinkles.
  • Artclass The Camouflage, Too Cool For School from 974 rubles – the most successful option of budget concealers. Tightly masks and does not roll off, does not clog up wrinkles. Does not dry the skin around the eyes. A negative price and can’t bear to cry. The resistant coating can be washed away in parts. Are there any cheaper funds? Yes, inexpensive concealers for the face solve this or that problem, but this concealer helps to eliminate them comprehensively. A universal Foundation can replace the numerous concealers that you buy.

budget face correctors


Rules for selecting a proofreader

Contouring the face with concealers and concealers determines the parameters that can be used to select a particular tool:

  • Depending on the area where you will need to apply concealer or concealer, select a certain type of concealer for the face, its density and texture. In the eye area, for example, only a concealer or liquid concealer that will not clog up wrinkles will do.
  • If you need to mask several areas with different aesthetic problems, it is better to choose color correctors on a palette.
  • The time of year when you will have to use a Foundation. In summer, it is preferable to contour decorative cosmetics for the face in dry form, for winter – cream or oil.
  • It is necessary to consider the skin type. For dry dermis, it is better to use a set of face concealers or liquid concealer.
  • You need to make sure that the tone is selected correctly. To do this, apply the product on the neck or the bend of the elbow and let it absorb.
  • The selected colors of various face concealers should not be distorted, so they are tested in natural light.
  • Designing a face with dry and dense means lasts quite a long time, but it is not suitable for the area around the eyes, around the lips, in places where there are many facial wrinkles. They clog in the pores and give out every fold.

If you take into account the features of the concealer and concealer, their correspondence to the skin type, then you can choose a suitable Foundation in the premium or budget segment. It can be universal or solve a highly specialized problem that most often appears on your skin.,,,

Useful video on how to use face concealers


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