Face mask: because it has become a valuable tool for personal care

Sometimes, we’re desperate for a little slowness. Even in this world affected by the lockdown, the perennial bond with ours smartphone and laptop means that we are always, even when we stand still, on the move. There are some aspects that require our full attention nowadays. A face mask seems to be one of them.

We live in an age where we desire visible skin care: serums, creams and gels that make ours appear perfect skin, to the point of making makeup obsolete. But such products are incorporated into one routine that we mimic every day. The application of creme all’hyaluronic acid it has become as normal as brushing your teeth. Even if you invest large sums in yours skincare, you are rarely offered the opportunity to please yourself with how good you are, and the slow, almost sensual process that leads to it.

This is where the power of a good face mask lies. There are the inevitable masks in fabric: for example the Korean Dr. Jart + and Benton, soaked in collagen and gold, an accessory Instagram-friendly it’s a must have of our beauty case.

And then there are the clay masks, Aesop’s Parsley Seed Cleansing Masque included, which performs an aesthetic function as well as a practical one, thanks to its elegant packaging that appears on all backgrounds of selfies made in the bathroom. But for those who believe in the beneficial properties of nature, the ‘homemade’ is the trend of the moment. A selfie of Kendall Jenner with a avocado smeared on the face (chlorophyll helps reduce inflammation and vitamin E promotes softness) has prompted many of us to follow his same steps.

DIY face masks: 5 ideas based on your skin type

The value of the face

During the lockdown there was a boom of sales. Collected retail sales data from expert beauty trend analysts WGSN, show that, during the pandemic, the stock-out rate (Out Of Stock Rate – OOS) of cloth masks in the UK had increased by 26% as of April 21 and month-to-month to 39%. The OOS rate of other masks, such as clay ones and the bubble mask, was 27% on the same date.

These last months of uncertainty have pushed us to seek escape from the frenetic nature of the smart working. Kristina Marie-Ross, 27, is one content creator scottish using SiO patches – silicone patches that target the dull skin – in her daily skincare routine. “When I buy a face mask, I can’t know for sure if it will change my life in one evening,” she tells Vogue over the phone, “But sometimes putting on a face mask and relaxing with a movie or some good music is one pleasant feeling. It is a habit that is part of one’s personal care more than anything else “.

Even if its skincare routine is slightly higher, Kristina frequently buys more commercial face masks in Pharmacy when he wants to relax. “The routine itself can give me a boost of confidence if I decide to use a mask before going out and seeing someone.” She keeps away from clay masks because “They look disgusting,” but sometimes she allows herself one sheet mask in Korean gold.

Kristina raises an interesting question: why do we use face masks when ours do routine are already meticulous and demanding? In some ways, they are an alternative to the spa, as many are still closed due to the pandemic.

Jenni Middleton, beauty director of WGSN, believes that being homebound makes us more creative when it comes to investing in face masks. “Ever since they started working flexibly, shoppers have been looking for more products leave-in e leave-on, they spend more and more time in the bathroom, which has become the hub of well-being for consumers, for this we will see a steady increase in the use of face, body and hair masks ”, he continues. “After the coronavirus, consumers may not have the economic option or they may still feel uncomfortable going to the spa or hairdresser, therefore the face masks to make at home or other products leave-in they will become very important to brands as consumers are increasingly looking for solutions home made and for personal care “.

Dermalogica, well-known brand of skincare, consider the matter from another point of view. The brand believes that, sooner or later, things will return to normal and that the tangible benefits of face masks will need to react as soon as possible, especially when the daily pace eventually becomes more hectic. There education manager of the brand, Candice Gardner, lets us know that Dermalogica is making masks that “They are a real bomb and won’t keep you waiting too long [per dei risultati]”Since”Getting the benefits in five minutes fits perfectly into our busy lifestyle“. The new mask from the Hydro Masque Exfoliant brand has different levels of intensity, with a bamboo exfoliant that releases the product with each massage.

The fact that the range was designed for deliver excellent results in a short time, symbolizes the future of skincare post-pandemic. This smart working period will eventually come to an end, bringing with it an increasing demand for personal care products that give results in the shortest possible time.

Middleton said that, like other brands, Dermalogica has also shifted its focus, focusing on science that lies behind their products, going hand in hand with what we hear on the news. After months of being told to follow science to properly manage the pandemic, consumers are eager to see it clearly, with scientific evidence and tangible results. “The biggest trend is for masks that use specific ingredients to hydrate, such as hyaluronic acid or C vitamin, or capable of conferring other benefits from active ingredients, ”Middleton points out. “Consumers want proven efficacy from their products and for sure, after the pandemic, many more brands will tend to confirm this. This will lead to an improvement of the brands skincare, as consumers have gotten used to knowing them, trusting them and listening to medical advice during this crisis ”.

The male point of view

Everyone is crazy about face masks, which have also managed to conquer the market share generally made up of anti-skincare: the men. Allied Market Research estimated that the male facial care industry will reach i 166 billion dollars by 2022, while data analysts Stylus suggest that an increase may already have occurred during the lockdown. Once a simple curiosity of boyfriends, husbands and roommates, often exercised in secret, men take their first steps in skin care with face masks, attracted byit was energy that emanate during use. Face masks, in a sense, are the shape of self-care that requires less maintenance ever. For men accustomed to soap and face cream and who do not yet have the energy to tackle one routine morning in stages, face masks are undemanding. Maybe that’s what makes them such a rare treat to indulge.

Matt Morgan, 27, is a music manager. Her daily routine includes a vitamin C serum and face cream, which she complements with the sheet masks. “During the day I spin like a top and I rarely find time to focus on anything without being distracted,” he says. “10 or 20 minutes with a face mask allow me to think and relax deeply. When I use a face mask, I’m limited from doing anything else. ”

Maybe that’s the reason we’re in the middle of one face-mania masks: relaxation has been redefined. The home is no longer the place to relax, so we need something that really makes a difference. Therefore, if you are looking for one brighter skin or you just need an excuse to let yourself go to rest and relaxation, here’s how to do it best: turn off your phone, get a face mask and forget about everything for a while. Now more than ever it is important to remember that you deserve it.

An ad hoc product

The secret of a doll skin (from Barbie to be exact)? Glamglow unveils it which presents, in fact, the new Barbie Collection. The limited edition line is composed of two products ideal for obtaining purified and luminous skin in a few minutes: the carbon mask SUPERMUD combined with moisturizing treatment GLOWSTARTER Mega Illuminating di Glamglow.

Thanks to the action of powerful activated carbon, which helps to remove dirt, oiliness and impurities, SUPERMUD it deeply cleans the pores, fights imperfections and the accumulation of dead cells, stimulating the natural glow of the skin

SUPERMUD is composed of:

  • SUPER-6 Acid Blend – A proprietary blend of exfoliating and purifying AHAs and BHAs that help clear the skin of pores and minimize their appearance

  • Activated carbon-X – An absorbent charcoal that helps attract toxins, dirt and impurities from inside the pores.

  • K17-Clay™ – Encapsulates excess sebum and environmental toxins.

  • TEAOXI® – Provides antioxidants and phytoactives

GLOWSTARTER Mega Illuminating Moisturizer – in custom shade by Barbie GLOW GETTER – gives lasting hydration, while pearls reflect and enhance the skin’s appearance for an instant Hollywood glow.

GLOWSTARTER is composed of:

  • HYDRATING ACID – Hydrates the skin

  • JOJOBA OIL, SHEA BUTTER & CERAMIDES – They help restore balance for hydrated skin

  • Green tea – Helps energize the skin.


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