Face serum: how to choose the right one and how to use it to get the result

Serum (or serum, as it is often called in the English manner) is a concentrate of active ingredients for solving specific problems. This product serves only as a supplement to basic facial care and intensively affects certain skin problems. Unlike a cream, the special composition and texture of the serum allows the components of the product to penetrate deeper into the skin and work at the cellular level. Face serums prepare the skin for subsequent cream application, moisturize, nourish, fight inflammation, pigmentation, age-related changes and have many other unique properties.

How to choose a face serum

If a nourishing or moisturizing cream is a basic daily stage of skin care, then serums solve only specific problems. This means that when choosing such an active product, the type of skin is not important. The main criterion is skin problems that need to be addressed: for example, dehydration, the presence of acne and rashes, age-related changes, pigmentation, and others. To determine your remedy, it is important to pay attention to the composition and active ingredients: hyaluronic acid will help solve the problem of dehydration, vitamin C fights against dullness and pigmentation, collagen and niacinamide are suitable for aging skin, green tea and vitamin B3 – problematic.

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Serums can be used at any age, if indicated. In this case, the beautician may prescribe a serum to solve a specific problem, for example, during the period of hormonal development.

How to use face serum correctly

Serum is an additional skin care, but it will not replace our cream. Such a product serves as a kind of conductor for subsequent care: enhances its effect, and also strengthens the protective barrier of the skin. There are water and oil-based serums – the former are better suited for the warm season, the latter for the cold. Oil serums can sometimes be used alone, but water based serum must be covered with cream. If applied without subsequent care, it will quickly evaporate before you can start working. For skin prone to allergic reactions, choose a serum and cream better than one brand to avoid possible unpleasant surprises.

You can apply the serum both in the morning and in the evening, but only on well-cleansed and, most importantly, damp skin. Before such an active stage of care, it is important to use a toner to restore the acid balance of the skin. Serum is a concentrated product, so a small amount will be enough for application – from one to five drops. Usually a special pipette is applied to the bottle, which can be used to determine the optimal dose of the product required for care. You can apply the serum to the skin either with a pipette or with your palms.

After application, it is important to evenly distribute the product over the face with light patting or slightly pressing movements – so the active components of the serum will penetrate deeper into the skin cells. Then you can wait about five minutes for it to be absorbed and start working. This rule is especially important when it comes to acidic products. The cream can now be applied to fix and seal the active ingredients of the serum in the skin.

Don’t use the same product all the time. As soon as the serum runs out, you can take a break or change the product to another.

If the skin does not have any special problems, then active serums can be used in courses, for example, apply a product with hyaluronic acid to moisturize the skin and restore its tone. Cosmetologists also advise adding serums to their skin care during periods when the skin is in particular need of restoration and additional protection. Usually these are months of active sun, as well as off-season and cold weather.


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