Facial exfoliant: 3 mistakes to avoid

Just as much as hydration, exfoliation is an important beauty procedure for the skin of the face (and the body as well). It allows to deep cleanse the skin and of make the tan more even and luminous (very practical in summer). There are different types: chemical exfoliators (rich in acids) or mechanical (in the form of more or less thick grains, which will be used to eliminate dead skin). Exfoliation for the face is indicated for all skin types: oily, combination, dry or sensitive. To achieve this care, here are 3 bad habits to ban now.

1 / Choose a facial exfoliant that is not suitable for your skin type

As with any type of beauty product, it is essential to choose your facial exfoliant according to your skin type. “Using an unsuitable treatment can have the opposite effect to that sought and thus weaken the skin”, explains Isabelle Ferrier. If you have the dry skin or sensitive, prefer chemical exfoliators to avoid any “overheating” due to the method of applying grain exfoliators (mechanical). The oily skin and mixed, for their part, they have every interest in turning to mechanical exfoliators (grain, not very thick if possible) in order to effectively unclog the pores of the skin. Whatever exfoliant you choose, it is recommended to apply it using circular, gentle gestures. “Then moisturize your skin with a mask to restore its protective film”, continues the expert.

2 / Rub insistently

You thought a good facial exfoliation was synonymous with vigorous friction? Ditch that idea now. “Rubbing hard can make the skin more sensitive and brittle. Result: an effect totally opposite to the one we were looking for ”, specifies Isabelle Ferrier. So apply your exfoliant while slowly, by carrying out very light circular movements.

3 / Exfoliate your skin too often

It’s natural to think that if you exfoliate your skin excessively it will only become more beautiful, but this is another mistake. Exfoliating your skin too often risks worsening its condition. By dint of undergoing repetitive skin attacks, the skin will produce more sebum to protect itself (if you have basic oily skin, it will become all the more oily if you exfoliate too much). “Whatever the skin type, exfoliation should not be overused. Doing 1 to 2 scrubs per week is a perfect beauty routine to have beautiful skin “, explains the healthcare professional. And of course, we are thinking of applying Solar cream on the face after exfoliation, in case of exposure to the sun.



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