Facial rejuvenation methods at home

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The skin of the face is daily exposed to negative factors – ultraviolet radiation, wind, dust, moisture, cold, etc. Accordingly, its aging is faster. Professional cosmetics and procedures help slow down this process, but facial rejuvenation at home can be a worthy alternative.

Advantages and disadvantages of home treatments

Why are home treatments good for facial rejuvenation? Main advantages:

  1. Safety. By using natural ingredients, you will minimize the chances of side effects and the negative effects of chemicals.
  2. Cheapness. Most of the ingredients for facial rejuvenation are found in every home, so the costs will be minimal.
  3. Convenience. For the procedure, you do not have to visit salons, which is important for women who do not have an excess of free time.

The disadvantages of facial rejuvenation at home are minor, but they are:

  1. The inept use of even completely natural products can be harmful. Failure to comply with the rules for the preparation and application of home remedies for the face increases the risk of allergic reactions and irritation, especially with sensitive skin.
  2. Home treatments for facial rejuvenation are ineffective if they are not followed regularly. The course will require a woman of self-discipline and willingness to spend time to achieve results.

Facial rejuvenation methods at home

There are many methods of home face rejuvenation. These include the use of various compresses, masks, creams, oils and vitamin supplements. And also physical impact – tonic massage. Each method deserves a separate consideration.


Facial rejuvenation at home gives quick results when using compresses. Recipes:

  1. Herbal compress. Prepare an infusion of sage, chamomile, lemon balm, calendula, or linden. The proportion is 1 tbsp. l. raw materials for 200 ml of boiling water. The tool is insisted for 15 minutes. Method of application – gauze folded in 4-5 layers is moistened with strained warm infusion and applied to the face for 20 minutes. You can repeat the procedures 3-4 times a week.
  2. Contrast compress. To quickly restore skin tone, soak a thin, clean towel in warm herbal decoction (chamomile or calendula will do), place it on your face and leave it on for 2 minutes. Then use a similar towel dampened with cold water. The exposure time is the same. You need to alternate compresses 4 times in one procedure. The recommended frequency is every other day.
  3. Compress with juice. For cleansing and rejuvenating facial skin, mix 1 tsp. aloe juice (can be replaced with the juice of 1 small cucumber) with a glass of still mineral water. The compress is applied for 20-30 minutes.
  4. Compress with oil. Nourishing compresses are recommended for women over 35. You just need to moisten cheesecloth in slightly warmed oil and squeeze it out so that it does not drain. The exposure time on the skin is 15-20 minutes. The remaining oil is removed with a cotton pad, the procedure is carried out 1 time in 2-3 days.

To make the skin look smoother, it is recommended to wash with cold water after the compress. You can also rub the problem areas with a cosmetic ice cube. This will tighten pores and stimulate the regeneration process of the epidermis.

Facial rejuvenation masks

Masks for rejuvenating the face at home are used more often than other methods of maintaining beauty. And all because the ingredients for them are found in every kitchen.

Recipes for homemade facial rejuvenation masks:

  1. Banana honey. Mix the pulp of half a banana with 1 tbsp. l. honey and 2 tbsp. l. unsweetened yogurt. The mask is applied for 15 minutes and washed off with warm water.
  2. With milk. Combine equal proportions of flour and warm milk, add 1 yolk and mix thoroughly. The product is applied to the skin for 20 minutes, it is better to wash off the mask with water and lemon juice (a couple of drops).
  3. Protein. Beat the white of 1 egg until frothy, add 1 tbsp. l. flour and 1 tsp. honey. The mixture is kept on the skin for 20 minutes.
  4. With potatoes. The potatoes boiled in their uniforms are peeled, the warm pulp is kneaded, a little cream is added until a creamy consistency is obtained and applied to problem areas. After 20 minutes, you need to wash with warm water. Rejuvenating face mask is recommended for skin prone to dryness.
  5. Curd. In fatty cottage cheese (1 tbsp. L.) Add 2 tbsp. l. sour cream and ⅔ tsp. salt. The mass is rubbed and applied to the skin of the face in a thick layer. After 20 minutes, you can wash your face with cold water.
  6. With oatmeal. Flakes ground in a coffee grinder (1-1.5 tbsp. L.) Are combined with 1 tsp. olive oil and 1 tbsp. l. chopped dill. The exposure time is 20 minutes, then the mass is washed off with cool water.

Masks for facial rejuvenation at home are recommended to be applied to steamed, cleansed skin. To enhance the effect, after rinsing the composition, you can use a lifting cream or an intensive nourishing cream. The recommended frequency of procedures is 2-3 times a week, the duration of the course is at least 2 months.


massage for facial rejuvenation at home

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The massage helps to rejuvenate the face by strengthening the muscle frame, increasing skin elasticity and normalizing lymph outflow. Consider a universal and easy-to-implement exposure technique:

  1. Place the pads of your index fingers on the bridge of your nose and slide them from the center of your forehead to your temples with light pressure. The reverse movement is carried out without pressing. Repeat the steps 5-7 times.
  2. Use the pads of your index and middle fingers to massage your eyelids (first the upper, then the lower). Movements should be light, tapping. 1-2 minutes is enough.
  3. Open your mouth, pull your upper lip over your teeth, place the pads of your index and middle fingers in the fossa near the wings of the nose. Perform 5 massage movements up and down, tracing the wings of the nose on each side. The force of impact should be moderate, with little stretching. When done correctly, a sensation of warmth appears in the massaged area.
  4. Use your fingertips to outline the outline of the lower jaw, applying light pressure. Repeat the steps 10 times.
  5. The complex is completed by lightly pinching or patting areas of the face that are prone to wrinkling.

Facial rejuvenation massage should be done daily until the desired result is achieved. The recommended exposure time is the first half of the day.


Essential and plant oils are known for their ability to stimulate regeneration, strengthen capillaries, improve complexion and increase skin elasticity. For facial rejuvenation, you can use:

  1. Geranium. The expected effect is an increase in elasticity and a reduction in redness.
  2. Neroli. Intensively moisturizes, restores water-fat balance, accelerates regeneration.
  3. Orange. Eliminates swelling, evens out the complexion.
  4. Rosemary. Improves blood circulation, promotes regeneration.
  5. Sandal. Fights dark spots, smoothes the skin.
  6. Jasmine. Tightens pores, whitens skin, tones up.
  7. Rose. It activates the regeneration processes, restores elasticity, eliminates inflammation, and normalizes the sebaceous glands.


Essential oils are never used in their pure form. By 1 tsp. bases (cream or vegetable oil, for example, olive or almond) add 2-5 drops of ether.

The product is applied with a cotton pad massaging, the excess is removed with a paper napkin. The procedure is best done at night.

Creams and gels

Good results can be achieved not only with professional cosmetics. Many women use creams, gels, and ointments originally intended for other needs to rejuvenate their faces. These funds include:

  1. Solcoseryl. The composition of the drug stimulates the production of collagen, improves blood microcirculation.
  2. Heparin ointment. Although it is intended to heal veins, it is great for treating bruising and puffiness.
  3. Enterosgel. A silicon-based hydrogel is used to relieve intoxication, but when applied externally (under the eyes at night) it helps to reduce swelling. The composition can dry out the skin, so the next day you need to apply a nourishing cream.
  4. Ointment Relief. The remedy is made from herbal ingredients and, as a rule, is prescribed for the treatment of hemorrhoids. The drug heals the skin, narrows blood vessels, and activates regeneration.
  5. Bepanten cream. Contains vitamin B5, lanolin, almond oil, beeswax, antiseptics. It is used for irritation, diaper rash, microcracks, dryness. The cream has healing and anti-inflammatory properties, smoothes the skin, improves blood circulation.

We must not forget that the listed funds are not intended for the face and can provoke side effects with prolonged use. Apply the formulations in a thin layer overnight, making sure that there is no allergic reaction.


The condition of the face is directly related to the general condition of the body and, in order to maintain youth, you need to take care of its “feeding” with the necessary substances. This will help preventive intake of vitamins inside. For facial skin rejuvenation, it is recommended to use:

  1. Vitamins E and A. The duration of the course is 15-20 days. Capsules are taken 1-2 times a day at a minimum dosage. After a month, the course can be repeated. Vitamins actively eliminate dryness, stimulate the renewal of the epidermis.
  2. Vitamin PP. The drug is taken 2 times a day at a dosage of 0.1 g. The course lasts 2 weeks. The skin becomes healthy and refreshed.
  3. Coenzyme Q10. It is enough to take 1 capsule (30 mg) for 2 months. Improves firmness, smoothes wrinkles and prevents new ones.

The optimal effect is achieved when the course of capsules is reinforced with external application of vitamins. They are added to face masks for rejuvenation, and are also applied to the skin in a pure form. For external use, vitamins E, A, B1 and B6 (in ampoules) are suitable.

Home Facial Rejuvenation Rules

The most important rules that guarantee the effectiveness of procedures are the regularity of the procedure and an integrated approach. In addition, a home rejuvenation program should include lifestyle adjustments. Skin health requires:

  1. Sleep normalization. For good rest and recuperation, you need to spend at least 8 hours for a night’s sleep, preferably in a cool room with a constant supply of fresh air. The likelihood of edema and an unhealthy complexion with this mode will be minimal.
  2. Rejection of bad habits. Alcohol and tobacco smoke disrupt blood circulation, the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the upper layers of the epidermis, accelerating aging.
  3. UV protection. Aggressive sun rays dry the skin, so in the warm season it is necessary to apply protective products with SPF filters.
  4. Fresh air. Daily walks improve blood circulation and oxygenate the body.
  5. Drinking daily water intake. So that the skin does not lose its tone and does not dry out, a person needs to consume at least 1.5 liters of clean water per day.
  6. Reasonable selection and use of cosmetics. They should be appropriate for your age group and skin type. Before going to bed, make-up must be washed off.

Keeping your skin healthy and youthful will take less effort if you do it at the first sign of aging. But even in advanced cases, it is possible to refresh and rejuvenate the face at home using the gifts of nature.

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