Facial routine for combination skin step by step

The combination skin they are somewhat more complicated than the dry or fat ones since they combine characteristics of these two types. On the one hand, we find areas with excess sebum and a tendency to acne and impurities.

On the other hand, we have areas of skin that tend to dry out. So, should we use different products for each area? Actually this would be very cumbersome and very expensive because we would treasure a product for each region of the face.

we tell you the Combination skin facial routine what you should follow

Combination skin daily facial routine

1# Cleaning

This is the mother of all beauty routines and the step you should never forget.

Whether we have dry, oily or mixed skin, in the morning and at night we have to use a product of Facial Cleansing. In the morning, we will remove the fat generated during the night, while, at the end of the day, we remove the makeup.

In the case of mixed skinyou must use a product that regulates sebum and respects the pH of the skin so that it does not dry out the areas that do not produce that excess fat. For example, a foaming cleanser or soapy.

2# Exfoliation

It is advisable exfoliate the skin twice a week, concentrating on the fatty areas with acne or black dots. With this gesture we will deeply cleanse the pores, but without damaging dry areas such as the cheekbones, which can become very sensitive.

3# Mask

The complement of the scrub is the facial mask. Applying it once a week is enough. Thus, we will purify, absorb excess oil and minimize pores, which helps to accumulate less sebum later.

Specifically, the clay mask It is ideal for combination skin, especially green, which is the one that has purifying properties and astringent.

4 # Hydration

We have the misconception that oily or combination skin, by reflecting shine, is already hydrated by itself. This is not the case, the shine generated by the sebum should not confuse us: the skin is losing water precisely because of the release of so much fat.

Therefore, we must pay due attention to the facial hydration and use products appropriate to the needs of the skin in the combination skin daily facial routine.

The creams oil-free (fat free), non comedogenic (they do not clog pores), with a matte finish and a lighter texture than a creamy cream are the most suitable.

5# Care of the eye contour

This part is the most sensitive of the entire face. The skin around the eyes is much thinner and drier since it does not have sebaceous glands.

For this reason, even in mixed or oily skin, the area of ​​the eye bags and the eyelids will be dry, with a tendency to sag, and require extra hydration.

It is recommended that we use a moisturizing eye contour made with caffeine to decongest the area and prevent the formation of bags, as well as the purple color so characteristic of dark circles.

6# Serum or night cream

After carrying out the daily cleaning and, if necessary, the exfoliation and the application of the mask, before going to sleep we must put on a serum or night cream.

This product must be suitable for the needs of our skin as well as for our age.

Ultimately, the Combination skin facial routine includes hydration and a deep cleaning from scrubs and masks to remove all the impurities that accumulate due to the excess of sebum characteristic of this type of skin.

In addition, you should visit an aesthetic center from time to time. And you, do you have any trick that we have not explained here to take care of your skin?


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