fall 2020 trend: how and with what to wear the main purchase of the season

Photo: Alberta Ferretti Fall-Winter 2020

Cossack boots, like Hailey Bieber, are the fall 2020 trend: how and with what to wear the main purchase of the season

This fall, the Cossacks will still be at the peak of popularity: of course, designers are trying to come up with an alternative to the most comfortable and stylish shoes – this season they will compete with jackets’ boots, but it is not easy to replace the good old classics. And all because they give our image a summer carefree, it is worth wearing them, for example, with a floral dress and a knitted cardigan with large buttons.

History of appearance

Cossack boots came up with in Spain yet in XVI century – initially they were exclusively male model shoeThis uncomplicatedbut stylish footwear fine fit for travel on horsesbeveled heel not allowed leg sneak away of stirrupsand acute cape from ease got in himHowever ubiquitous trend on Cossacks introduced in 30x years of the past century, and made this is American cowboys: exactly they entertained myself dancing in broad jeansfilled in sharp-nosed boots (guysthank for Cossacks and style country in the whole!). IN 2000x yearswhen came it’s time rummage in grandmother chest and find treasure, Cossacks again entered in fashion and remained in her for a long time.

Fashion trends

The classic option is leather or suede boots in black, brown, white or beige. This is a win-win for any occasion as it goes with everything. But brighter colors will also come to their aid this fall. For example, red. If you still think that the Red Cossacks are too bold even for our time, review and be inspired by Kylie Minogue’s video Its No Secret – the singer will easily prove the opposite to you. Back in 2017, at New York Fashion Week, the theme of red shoes ran through every runway. Raf Simons’ Red Cossacks undoubtedly became iconic in that season. Therefore, do not be afraid to give the green light to the Red Cossacks in the fall of 2020.

Chains this season are relevant not only on the belt: you can hardly think of an accent more interesting than similar decorations on shoes. In the fall of 2020, the chains on the Cossacks can be almost weightless, or they can be deliberately striking – pay attention to the Louis Vuitton Cossacks, adorned with a golden chain: we are sure that you will not want to take them off before winter.

Фото: 1 – Givenchy, 2 – Isabel Marant, 3 – Dolce& Gabbana, 4 – Maison Margiela, 5 – Premiata, 6 – Coliac, 7 – Miu Miu, 8 – Ralph Lauren, 9 – Guess, 10 – Paris Texas, 11 – Ekonika, 12 – Mango

Do not forget about everyone’s favorite animal print and choose Cossacks, which resemble the skin of not only a leopard, but also other animals (thanks to modern technology: this effect can be achieved without killing a single animal). Check out the zebra print, snake or cow print – a modern alternative to the predatory trend.

What to wear with Cossacks in the fall of 2020

Despite the fact that the Cossacks were initially considered extraordinary footwear, they can be combined with almost any clothing. Over the summer we got a little tired of voluminous dresses with puff sleeves and abundant ruffles, so in the fall we want to return to our favorite jeans more than ever.

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In the fall of 2020, traditional blue jeans (it was about this model that Yves Saint Laurent once said: “I wish I had invented blue jeans”) were again at the peak of popularity, so ignoring their combination with the Cossacks would be a real fashion crime.

Hailey Bieber quite successfully mixes classic straight-cut jeans with brown Cossacks and an oversized jacket – it looks stylish and modern. Trendy life hack – tuck blue jeans into the Cossacks, as Haley does and Princess Diana once did – since then no one has come up with a more fashionable way to wear Cossacks.


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If you want to pay tribute to medieval romanticism, then wear rude Cossacks with a delicate dress in a floral print – this combination will perfectly emphasize femininity, but will not turn you into a romantic princess and a pea: rude Cossacks will perfectly balance the image.


Back in the spring, the cropped knitted cardigan became the main purchase of 2020, so don’t hesitate to use the trends to the maximum: wear such a cardigan with a skirt made of light, flying fabric and rough Cossacks.

This fall, forget about the belief that the Cossacks have nothing to do with business style: of course, if your office has a strict dress code, then wearing leopard-colored Cossacks to work will be inappropriate. However, picking up laconic black Cossacks without unnecessary details and wearing them along with a formal suit with Bermudas as long as the weather permits is an excellent solution.



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