Fashion accessories spring-summer 2021

It has long been a secret for anyone that even the most fashionable and beautiful image will not look complete and harmonious without the presence of accessories in it. And also do not underestimate such function of accessories as correction of appearance features!

In this review, I will tell you about 10 rules for choosing accessories in 2021, taking into account the peculiarities of your appearance!

Massive chains… The massive trend from 2020 has confidently stepped with us into 2021! Such a dimensional accessory will perfectly emphasize the elegance of a woman’s neck and, in contrast to the massive chain, the neck will look even more fragile. But girls who do not want to focus on this area of ​​the body and visually enlarge it should refrain from such a purchase.

Layering in accessories. “You can’t spoil porridge with butter!” – they shout to us from all the fashion shows of the spring-summer 2021 season: chains of different lengths, textures and colors, put on all at once, including pearls, which have long ceased to be an attribute of an evening look. Choosing a fashionable accessory in proportion to your body proportions!

Fashion accessories 2021

Earrings. If earrings, then large or geometric shapes. And if you want to give a zest to the image, in this case we put on a mono-earring! For all the beauty and alluring of this trend, do not forget about the geometry of our own face: more rounded shapes of earrings will soften the sharp-angled features of the appearance, but geometric ones, on the contrary, will treacherously expose them.

Fashion accessories spring-summer

Bags as jewelry. An unbeatable alternative to our usual pendant chains! It remains only to fantasize about what can be put into such a tiny accessory, but it looks very unusual! As a general rule, if there are flounces, ruffles, additional details or an active print in the neckline area on the clothes, then jewelry in this area is no longer required. But in the coming season, this rule must be broken!

Fashion accessories spring-summer

Glasses. Judging by the photos from lookbooks in trend, there will be aviator glasses, giants, oval round, playful “cat eye”, tinted, colored, glasses protecting the eyes not only in front, but also on the sides … You can get confused with such a variety! The main rule: how massive your glasses can be depends on your facial features! If the features are small, then the glasses should not be too massive!

Sunglasses 2021
Sunglasses 2021

Hats. Boater, cloche, bowler hat, wide-brimmed, panama hats … Everyone will find a hat “to their liking”! But you should choose not only according to your liking, but also according to your height: hats with medium or wide brim and a low crown are suitable for tall girls, and hats with medium or narrow brims and a high crown are suitable for miniature women.

Fashion hats 2021
Fashion hats 2021

Belts. The most popular in the spring-summer 2021 season will be wide belts, basic models and belt-chains, as well as thin straps that need to be worn 2 at a time. Among the fresh solutions in the spring-summer collections are belts with decor and pendants. When choosing belts, I also recommend following the rules of proportionality: ladies with curvaceous shapes should not wear a belt that is too thin.

Fashion accessories spring-summer: an overview of trends

Handkerchiefs. In the coming warm season, scarves and shawls are not in high esteem, there are too few of them in new collections! If we choose a scarf as an accessory and want to be in trend, then we tie it on our head, but in extreme cases on a handbag.

Brooch. The trend for massiveness has not spared brooches! Designers suggest wearing several of them at once, along with a massive chain, on hats, in the shoulder and neck area! But it is important to remember that the thing with which you wear the brooch should be as simple as possible and with a minimum of decor!

Bags. The main trend is still practicality: slings, shopping bags, handbags for smartphones! As a rule, the shape of the bag is chosen opposite to the shape of the body: for rounded and soft shapes, the harder shape of the bag, for more geometric shapes of the body, the softer shape of the bag! If there is no request for a figure correction, then this rule can be disregarded!

Fashion bags 2021
Fashion bags 2021

But no matter how tempting fashion trends are, it is still a rapidly changing category, but your own style will never go out of style!

Author: stylist Elena Kane


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