Fashion and style for women after 50: stylist tips

After fifty, all prejudices, complexes, fears, glances at someone else’s opinion should remain in the past. And ahead is free swimming, an increase in stylistic stakes, a play of contrasts and freedom of expression. Of course, not all women over fifty have a request to express themselves through clothing. Many continue to live in peace, and their wardrobe is aging with them. But if you are one of those for whom age is a new stage and new opportunities, then watch how 50+ ladies from the world of haute couture broadcast their style.

Here are a few names of stylish women over fifty years old, whose wardrobes and images are watched by the whole world: Linda Rodin, Linda Wright, Diane Keaton, Lyn Slater, Anna Wintour, Gres Ghanem. We take an example from them and are inspired by the worthy acceptance of our age.

Fashion and style after 50

It seems to me that after 50, or even after 60 years, you can already come off to the fullest in clothes. Now it is no longer scary that you may be mistaken for a city madman, because either now or never. This is probably why there are so many aged women on the streets of fashionable cities in the world who shock the audience with their extraordinary outfits.

Bright style for women

The transition to old age is a transition to wisdom, there is no need to be afraid of gray hair, wrinkles, folds, because nothing can be done about it. It seems to me that it is there, somewhere, that acceptance and peace awaits everyone.

Stylish women

And, of course, no one canceled female attractiveness after fifty. When I was twenty years old, I met a wonderful Muscovite Raisa Ivanovna. She was not married, she had no children. I asked her why she hadn’t married. She said that she hadn’t met him better, and that she didn’t need worse. The details of her romance with him, it was uncomfortable for me to find out.

When we met, Raisa Ivanovna was 70, we went to the house of culture, to some event. At the entrance she was greeted by a bald musician from the local orchestra. I noticed that he looked admiringly at my companion, in a white beret and a mink coat. I asked if Raisa Ivanovna noticed that this man was looking at her. She said that he has been caring for her since school. On that day, I realized that life does not end at 70.

Beautiful fashion after 50
Beautiful fashion after 50

The wardrobe of a woman at an elegant age can be anything, even senile, if the images are composed with taste and style. It’s hard to say “be careful, an old-fashioned hairstyle will give away your age”, there is no longer any need to hide how old you are.

Features of the style of women of a wise age

If you want to look noble, pay attention to the following fashion tips.

  • With age, the contrast decreases, the skin tone becomes cold. Black complexion is the wrong choice. He will emphasize all the imperfections of the face. Bring the black down from the face, and go for sand, olive, beige and other base colors for the face.
  • If you start to go gray early, perhaps there is nothing wrong with that. And by fifty you will be flaunting your ashy hair.

Gray hair and style
Gray hair and style

  • Bright makeup ages, be careful with your makeup. Also follow the makeup trends, you do not need to line your lips with a red pencil and paint them with pearlescent lipstick.
  • Many people think that oversized glasses hide them from the world, but they attract attention. The older you are, the thinner the frame of your glasses should be.

  • The neck gives out a true image. If you know that the neck is a problem area, then no chokers. Choose models of necklaces that are longer. Models of blouses with a sharp neckline will take your eyes away from the neck, it is not necessary to hide the neckline in a turtleneck.

  • Thin jersey that fits the figure reveals its flaws. Choose thick fabrics or layered looks.
  • As you age, your wardrobe will need to be updated more often. Follow the trends, do not choose the styles that you are used to, experiment.

  • Choose clothes half a size larger, the clothes should not fit snugly.

  • You need to choose your length, age is not proportional to the length of the skirt.
  • Pants will add lightness to the image. Perfect trousers with a mid-rise and a dart at the front.

Stylish women

Style rules 50+

  • Monochrome bow in neutral shades will refresh, highlight the face, look status and restrained. An important rule is that the bow should be in the same shade.
  • With age, the density and elasticity of the skin changes. Pay attention to thick fabrics to help structure your figure.

  • It is better to remove things with a print from the portrait area, but here it all depends on personal self-awareness, for example, I like a leopard scarf as an accent. But if you agree that it is better to highlight the portrait area, then the active print will draw attention to the portrait area, so we take it below the face.

  • It is better not to use bright deep colors, for example, burgundy, emerald, against the background of minimalistic makeup.
  • Let the sleeve of the T-shirt be loose and elongated. If the sleeve is tight, it immediately draws attention to the hand.

  • Don’t flirt with vintage. Things from the past decades will age, vintage items can be added to the wardrobe, but dosed, and it is better to use only accessories. A retro tweed blazer can be neutralized with a T-shirt and jeans.

  • Accessories. A minimalistic approach to accessories is important. Often, with age, women begin to use many accessories, but this will immediately make the image heavier.

How to look impressive and presentable?

  • Have a bag in your wardrobe that holds its shape.
  • Minimum makeup, neat face.
  • Well-groomed clean hair.
  • Hands and manicure should be in order. Dry cuticles look bad.
  • Things without lurex, rhinestones, if you are not sure about the combination of these things.

Style is an extension of personality. If you are bright and radiant, then there can be no restrictions. Dress as your heart desires.

Author: stylist-image maker Elena Khmelevskaya

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